CAUTION: HRIS Buyers, Stay Away From These 5 Pitfalls!

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Hris Software Buyers Stay Away From These Pitfalls

Human resource is such a wide domain that working professionals get confused about the terminologies, products, and processes all the time. For example, there has always been a debate about the similarities and distinctions between HRMS, HRIS, and HCM because of the ‘almost the same’ features. But, these three are actually not the same! “75% of hiring and talent managers use HRIS for managing applicant tracking or recruiting management to improve their hiring process.” – Capterra

Talking about HRIS in this blog, we will focus on the major things that the software buyers should steer clear of so that the best HRIS is set up in the organization.

The 5 times buyers should practice caution are as follows:

  1. Hyped-up Intro and Demos
  2. Teaser Implementation Services
  3. Fewer HRIS Features
  4. Data Management Issues
  5. Invalid Software Rates

To understand the instances better, let us now look at each of the aforementioned points in detail.

Misleading Demonstrations

You only shortlist those vendors for buying HRIS software who fulfill your RFP (Request For Proposal) requirements. But most of the time, the ads, promotions, RFPs, and introductions are false. It’s not always what they promise to be. Once you call them for a demonstration of the software, you will already find discrepancies in what is being presented and what was claimed. Now, a smart buyer would always pay attention to the software demonstration. Only when you see the system perform all the desired functions and meet your expectations in the demo should you say “Yes”.

HRIS Features Deficit

Again, it is one of the most important steps to check whether all the features of and HRIS are present in the software or not. The main processes that the human resource information system automates include:

  • Recruiting/Hiring
  • Absence Management
  • Training & Development
  • Personnel Tracking
  • Compensation Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Workflow Management
  • Self-Service Portal

Moreover, the HRIS that you are buying should contribute to overall performance improvement in challenging times. After thorough consideration of each factor, money should be spent on the solution.

Teaser HRIS Implementation

There are times when you need to perform a specific set of functions and not the entire range of HRIS operations. This is when the HRIS vendors suggest you a shortcut of Teaser HRIS Implementation Services. It is a deployment strategy that is formulated to deliver a specific set of functionalities within the stipulated time, for a relatively low services fee. Now, the downside of these services is that only one-third of the system is configured which makes only a little use of the application. So, it is better to spend a few more bucks and get the whole HRIS package.  

The Missing ‘I’ From HRIS 

An HRIS software is all about managing INFORMATION! We are talking about the data-related issues that you could bear if the software is purchased in a hurry. Since the whole point of integrating an HRIS to the system is organizing and maintaining HR information. So, features like cloud storage, data centralization, data migration and manipulation, and privacy & security among others should be clearly analyzed and it must be ensured that the ‘I’ is not missing before investing in the HRIS solution.

Unrealistic Software Costs

“Companies with newly upgraded HR systems see cost savings of 22% per employee.” – Bersin, Deloitte

When the introduction and demonstration are given by the sellers or vendors, the price of the software seems palatable. However, once the requirements are put forward and the overheads are calculated, the final quote is quite unrealistic. There are also various hidden charges that the buyers are unaware of until they give their word to purchase the system. 

Thus, HRIS shopping is not as easy as it seems! It is extremely necessary to demand transparency and faithfulness from the vendors before it gets too late. 

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