How to drive performance in the new normal?

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Drive Performance In The New Normal

Constant uncertainty and insecurity is the basis of the new normal. As cliché as this sounds, we all know that it is the reality. The sheer suddenness with which all the unfortunate incidences happened this year has reset work, life and everything around. Due to the same, it has become more than important to stay flexible and take things as they come. Since we have little to no control over them, all we can really do even in terms of work is change our approach. It’s time to not react but be more and more resilient and act as per the change. 

One thing that needs the most thought and shift in strategy is performance management. Since none of us worked remotely for this long ever, businesses and employees are yet not accustomed to working from remote locations or in a hybrid model in full swing, productively. 

In this blog, we share tips for businesses so that they can keep their employees safe and drive productivity.  Before we begin, the earlier linear performance format of goal setting>Review> Feedback>Reward & Recognition is going to be under the radar and we will think through and beyond this traditional approach further! 

Here are a few pointers that help answer these questions and enable driving performance and recognition:

What’s relevant and what’s new?

  • The SMART goal setting can be a great foundation in this new time but going too rigid and not being flexible with them would not work 
  • It would be relevant to appreciate and recognise contribution as well and not just emphasize too much on just the performance
  • Keeping the hierarchy aside to be more agile and speedy would be new but fostering a great culture would continue to be relevant too

6 Minimal Changes Businesses Can Make To Drive Performance

  • Become more agile-
    Companies must start using the best HRIS software for their business if they want to become more agile. The right software can help them empower their teams, make the structure flat and above all speed up decision making. Click here to know how to find the best HR software
  • Aim for excellence in execution-
    Since the new normal is embracing a different work model, the liability on each other should be eradicated. Executives and leaders, everyone should know what they have to do and must be equipped with the right tools and skills for their work. Moreover, as a leader, you should hold reviews weekly or fortnightly to see how much has the team accomplished. For all this, HRIS software can be really helpful. 
  • Introduce flexible work models-
    In this new normal rigidity in hours and space won’t serve any good to anyone. This is why trusting employees and knowing that they will give their best is essential. This will also unlock the potential, increase flexibility, and maximise the productivity of everyone in the team.
  • Keep learning and unlearning-
    Leaders should be in sync with the latest changes so that they can quickly change their course of action. Till the time, critical thinking capabilities and would not be built by organisations at multiple levels, the capacity to unlearn the old and adopt the new won’t be as effective.
  • Do more real-time recognition- The way to recognise the contribution and efforts of employees would remain the same but need a little tweak. The gap between the work and its recognition should not be there. The less the gap, the better. While monetary awards might be difficult to deliver right now, you can always praise using badges available in HROne HRIS software from anywhere, anytime. 

We hope the aforementioned points help you in driving performance and wish that we all keep on working and making our capabilities stronger than ever so that we can fight whatever new this normal would present to us, together! 

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