How To Conduct Induction For New Joiners?

As we have already discussed what is meant by Employee Induction, let’s go further in detail. Now, before asking yourself how, these two “whys” should pop in your head so as to attain an in-depth understanding of this process. 

This blog will cover the answers to following questions and some related points in detail: 

Why is induction essential?

Sharing basic information about the job through an offer letter or an appointment letter is never enough! A well-planned induction session with all-inclusive particulars about the organization is a must to thoroughly educate the new hires. It gives them an idea of the work culture, operating procedures and the entire workflow of the organization.

Why does it need to be effective?

If the program goes as planned, it leaves a major impact on the new joiners’ minds. So, a timely, comprehensive, interactive and organized induction influences the employees’ perception of the company and makes a good first impression on them. Also, a lot of “beginner’s dilemma” is resolved besides saving time and energy of the management to iterate the same information at later stages.

Now, let’s talk about the big “HOW?”

In order to understand how to implement an induction program for the freshly recruited employees, let’s take a quick glance at the essentials of Employee Induction:

As soon as the newbies set foot in the organization, greet them with a smile and present them with a welcome kit. You can also organize small contests/ quizzes and award the winners with goodies. Show them how delighted you are to have them on board.

Get to know what an employee orientation or induction is in detail here:

There is a good amount of official paperwork that needs to be done in the first few days of joining an organization. Either the employees have to produce documents for verification or the employers have to release formal letters. So, prepare a listing of the necessary documents to be exchanged and get the same ready beforehand. 

This includes an introduction to the company’s establishment phase, journey, and growth so far. Employees need to realize the vision and mission behind setting up the organization. The overall financial and non-financial development in recent years should also be discussed.  

The new employees must understand their daily tasks/ duties and their contribution towards achieving the company objectives. Also, there is a great need to educate them about the key performance parameters and how it can affect their career growth. 

Apart from the net salary, there are a number of privileges that employees get when they join any organization. So, it is crucial for them to know the additional perks and advantages of working with you. Accounting to the employee engagement motto behind, compensation and benefits intrigue the employees and make them stay for long.

HROne offers various special benefits to its employees that help in boosting their morale, thereby promoting retention.

The next information that is very critical for the employees to understand and adopt are the norms and guidelines of the company. Every individual who is a part of the organization should not only stay abreast of the standard operating procedures and compliances but also follow the same rigorously.

Before making the employees accustomed to their workspaces, show them each and every corner of the company premises. From the multifarious departments, various processes, different HODs and their teams to the employees’ own team members and their journeys, a little tete-a-tete is a must!

Last, but certainly not the least, make the workstation of every employee ready to use. Make sure all the basic facilities and resources are available. You can also place a welcome note on their desks along with other requisites for their work.

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