Customer Story – Vestige 

“The HROne team, apart from providing a quality product, also provides responsive and timely support. For Vestige, this is how HROne has become an integral part of our HR transformation journey.”

Aseem Nath Tripathi
Head – HRD


Icon Address New Delhi


Icon Industry Direct Selling company for wellness products

No. of employees

Icon Employees 500+


Reduction in appraisal turnaround time


increase in engagement due to R&R


reduction in attendance tracking time


Vestige believes strongly in providing high-quality products that make a positive difference in the lives of its customers.


Vestige had identified a three-stage transformation and evolution process:

  • Bringing out efficiency by automating manual processes
  • Maximising effectiveness by making processes error-free
  • Creating positive business impact through HR excellence

In this process, there were three areas of influence that Vestige had initially identified:

  • Reducing errors in the performance management process. The next step would be to reduce the turnaround time and effort involved in the entire process.
  • Automating attendance and integrating it with payroll to make it error-free and instantaneous.
  • Making R&R more accessible and impactful.


  • Reduction in performance appraisal turnaround time

    Goal-setting and templated processing has made performance appraisal practically error-free. With easy access to appraisal data, managers can use data-driven insights for performance trends real-time feedback, and collaboration between managers and employees.

  • 50% Reduction in attendance tracking

    HROne has helped reduce the time taken for attendance integration from ten (10) days to four (4) days. That is a 50%+ reduction, which is no mean feat. More importantly, since attendance serves as a base for payroll processing, it is essential to get the results spot-on.

  • 100% payroll processed without errors

    HROne has all the data points required to reduce the time taken to process payroll and ensure that no manual errors creep in. HROne can take a company s payroll processing to the next level with the performance appraisal output.

  • All-round recognition in place

    HROne’s robust R&R framework goes a long way in supporting and rewarding the torchbearers of business operations. Whether peer-to-peer or senior to junior R&R, HR One ensures that quality is maintained and employee delight is created.

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