Customer Story – Usha Breco

“Choosing HROne proved to be one of the best decisions for us, the system has improvised HR functions efficiency, allowed transparency in the organization and made our employees connected with its powerful yet simple ESS and mobile app. Your data, people and processes – all are well taken care of by this one integrated solution! ”

Subhasish Ghorui,
Head HR, Usha Breco Pvt. Ltd.


Icon Address 8 Offices PAN India


Icon Industry Transportation

No. of employees

Icon Employees 600


More Time saved in HR functions


Efficiency in Payroll processing


Transparency for employees


Established in 1969, Usha Breco Limited (UBL) is one of the pre-eminent Aerial Ropeway Transit (ART) companies in the country, catering to over 8 million passengers annually today. With an outreach of locations across Gujarat, Uttarakhand, Kerala and Odisha, it employs the BOT (Build-Own-Transfer) Model known by the brand name “Udan Khatola” with 8 operating ropeways. The dynamic employee base of 250-300 in the organization leverages the merits of Design Engineering and Modern Techniques in operations and maintenance. With the massive expertise in its domain, UBL has fabricated 27 Passenger and Industrial Ropeways in India and overseas till date.


  • Traditional approach was followed to manage data, people and HR processes, making manpower management long winded, and laggard.
  • For the 60% semi-skilled workforce, each unit accountants would manually record time-inputs on sheets. Data validation was a constant question lying unresolved in the lack of a real time system.
  • Salaries for various units were processed on 7th or 8th of every month due to delayed and manual maintenance and submissions of timesheets and leave records.
  • The current reimbursement model was sporadic and requests were approved over emails, Employee claims couldn’t be mapped to the respective HR policies incurring more costs for the company than anticipated.


  • Data that lived across multiple spreadsheets, is now centralized and made accessible with an integrated system. The time consumption in HR processes has drastically decreased to 50%
  • HROne mobile app now allows each employee to mark their attendance on the go in real-time, leaving no room for ambiguity and allowing centralized flow of paid inputs to the system. Time & attendance is no more ‘person dependent’.
  • The Payroll system integrates well across all functions, salaries are now processed on 30th of every month for each employee in the organization, raising overall employee satisfaction organization wide.
  • The powerful Employee Self Service portal allows employees to claim reimbursements as per their eligibility brackets, the system has successfully controlled money spill with policy mapping and well laid reimbursement process.

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Parveen VP, Human Resources


“We wanted a solution that could collaborate data, functions andHR processes at 700+ locations flawlessly. The experience with HROne had been amazing and one that I would recommend.”