Customer Story – Annapurna Finance

“We wanted a solution that could collaborate data, functions andHR processes at 700+ locations flawlessly. The experience with HROne had been amazing and one that I would recommend. If I had to rate HROne for its Mobile app and User adaptability, I will definitely give it a 4 out of 5.”

Preetam Debasish Sahoo,
DVP, Human Resources


Icon Address 700+


Icon Industry Microfinance

No. of employees

Icon Employees 6000+

5 X

increase in Payroll efficiency


PAN India locations covered with centralized data

Doubled recruitment efficiency


Annapurna Finance Pvt. Ltd. (AFPL) is one of the top ten NBFC-MFIs in the country with a customer base of 18 lacs+ and a power portfolio of 3,800 crores. The company facilitates microcredit to the economically backward clients to strengthen entrepreneurial skill for efficient undertaking of business activities.
At present, the company has an employee base of 6000+ across 700+ locations in India.


  • Managing high-volume recruitment drives on emails and papers hampered quality talent acquisition and took more time than anticipated
  • Attrition management turned tedious in the absence of clear visibility of open positions at different branches
  • Onboarding the new joiners with manual drafting and issuance of letters and pay variables became overwhelming
  • Payroll was managed by a team of 10 HRs and it took more than a week to disburse salaries
  • Employee files were being maintained physically, making data visibility & extraction more time consuming and no true view of workforce insights was available unless specifically calculated


  • We have been able to double our recruitment efficiency with a well integrated Applicant Tracking System in place. A clear view of open positions and collaboration between hiring manager and recruitment team helped us close positions in minimum time.
  • Seamless Employee lifecycle management has helped us track employee movement across 700 locations in real time.
  • Employee master is well structured with centralized data that flows in integration across different functions for all the locations
  • Instead of a reactive approach to every HR need, the team works proactively and looks forward to strategic planning with better managerial control over reports and workforce insights
  • Smooth, error free and 100% compliance adhered payroll, with employee salaries now being processed in less than 2 days
  • Employees are content with the Self Service portal owing to its simple interface and easy navigation. They are now empowered with the mobile app and can do much more on the go.