How to Correct Name, Date of Birth and Gender Online using Unified Portal?

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You may have been trying to link Aadhar Card with your UAN but weren’t able to do so because of some incongruity in your details. High chances that you have come across this blog because of the same reason.

So, keep on reading the blog as in this, we tell you how you can change the Name, DOB, Gender in the UAN online according to your Aadhar when your Aadhar is not linked with UAN. Also, the EPFO has not provided any time frame to process the EPF and basic UAN details for correction.

Note: If your details are already linked with Aadhar, you would not be able to modify the details. To make corrections, you would need to raise a request through your employer to EPFO. Link to the form is here.

How to raise a request as an employee?

  • First, log in as a member by entering your UAN and password in the Unified Portal.
  • After that, click on Manage and modify basic details.
  • Now, you can enter the correct details according to the Aadhar. (the details will be verified with UIDAI and Aadhar)
  • Click update details to submit the request to the employer for approval.
  • The next step is to wait for the verification. If due to any reason, you want to delete the request, you can do so till the time it is not approved.
  • When the request will be approved by the employer, it will be forwarded to EPFO for further verification.

How will the employer verify?

The employer will log in to the Unified portal.

When the employer will click on member and details change request, the screen will display the changes requested by the employer.

He will see the change and approve or reject them.

If approved the request will be transferred to EPFO.

How will EPFO verify?

When the EPFO will receive the request, the delegated person will recommend approval or rejection of the request with reasons.

The request will go to the section supervisor and then APFC and RPFC  will approve or reject the case.

Step by step process for EPF UAN correction of Name, Date of Birth, Gender Online with Screenshots

Step 1- Click on Manage and then select Modify Basic Details in the drop-down menu.


Step 2- Correct the name, gender, date of birth using EPF request. So, you should provide correct details as per Aadhar.

Then you should click update details. Once clicked, the request will go to the employer for approval.


Step 3- If you want to delete the request, you can do so before the approval of the request.


Step 4- If your Aadhar is linked to UAN, you would not be allowed to change the details. You will see the following image.


How many days will the request take for approval from EPFO?

No timeline has been provided by the EPFO for processing the request. If you are facing trouble in getting the request approved, you can use social media or send them a mail to connect and know the status.  

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