What is UAN (Universal Account Number)?

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Universal Account Number (UAN) is a 12 digit number which is given to each member of the (EPFO) employees’ provident fund organisation to manage the PF account. This number is issued by the Ministry of Labour and employment under the Indian Government. This helps the employees in getting all their PF related information through a single place.

Earlier, an employee used to join the organisation and was assigned a new PF account number. This made estimating proper PF of members difficult. In the case of the payout issues as well, it was getting difficult to track the activities. So, UAN came to solve all these issues. This assembles multiple PFs at different offices of one individual at a place. This also enables the employee to transfer and withdraw funds easily.

UAN Simplified

  • The UAN lets the EPFO track the changes in the job of an employee.
  • When an employee changes his job, he is required to link the PF account to UAN so that EPFo can record it.
  • This information can be accessed online which makes transfer and withdrawal easy for the people to change their jobs.
  • It also makes sure that all the accounts of the employee are genuine.

Advantages of UAN

  • Less involvement of employer- By using UAN, the involvement of the employer has reduced significantly. The PF of the old company is transferred to the new Provident Fund account as soon as the KYC verification is complete.
  • No requirement of fund transfer- The employee needs to give UAN and KYC details to the new employer. The old PF is transferred to the new account once the verification is complete.
  • SMS alerts- This has made the management easy. The SMS alerts come whenever there is any sort of change.

Online UAN allotment Process

Things to keep in mind while using UAN

  • The UAN is given to all the PF holders.
  • The details have to be dowloaded and given to the employer.
  • This is further passed to concerned employee.
  • The EPFO portal helps in checking UAN allotment.

How to register UAN?

  • Visit the EPF member portal
  • Activate the UAN, click -”Activate UAN”
  • Provide the information about your UAN, mobile number, member id, PAN, Aadhar, email etc.
  • Click on the tab of  “Get authorization PIN”. You will receive a PIN on your mobile number.
  • Enter the PIN to confirm your request.
  • Generate UAN and password to verify your request.

The EPF member Portal

  • The portal can be used to download passbook and UAN card.
  • You can view the member id and the linking status of PF.
  • You can also view the status of system generated transfer claims, file claim, and the transferred claims.
  • You can also edit the mobile number and email ids.
  • You can also update the KYC documents and even upload them.
  • You can also view the contact numbers from the helpdesk.

Hope you found the information helpful. Keep coming back to our blog for more.

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