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Communication simplified.

Connect, converse and collaborate with your colleagues anytime, anywhere with our employee communication tool.

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HROne internal messenger software to begin great team work with great conversations

Speed up and de-clutter communication chaos with our virtual chat platform that’s secure, robust and easy to use.

1 on 1 Chats

Keep your talks organized

Focused 1-on-1 chats

Chat One-to-one with your colleague at work and keep the conversation more focused, private and fun. Say goodbye to emails, share stuff instantly and get easy access to all unread chats in one Window.

Internal messenger software

Group Chats

Bring your team together

Public channels for your team

Create and manage public channels for projects, groups, and topics that are open to anyone in your organization. Messages in these channels are archived and accessible by search.

Keep it private if you like

For more sensitive topics, private channels keep conversation contained strictly to an invited group. Messages are only searchable and accessible to members only.

employee communication software

File Sharing

For the modern workplaces

Share stuff in a heartbeat

Share anything related to your project or work with your colleagues. Doc files, Images or links no matter how small or big; we got you covered.

As safe as your vault

Your information is safe and secure; just where you need it. Gain complete control and monitor all your private and proprietary information.

internal communication software

Why choose employee communication software by HROne?

Communication between employees professional and personal is necessary. While most of the HR software fail in providing the same, our clients have shared with us their feedbacks for our employee communication software saying it has made communication and collaboration way easier. Besides helping the companies collaborate, our internal messenger software also helps them in staying connected with each other. They get to share files, exchange messages in groups and one on one as well.

So, bring your team together with our secure chat solution. Switch to HROne and enjoy instant messaging tool benefits with integrated modules. Fill the form now!