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When an experienced HR professional who has spent years in managing and upgrading different workplaces becomes a confidant of the management and may or may not hold a position among the company’s board of directors is said to be an HR business partner.

He guides the senior management in developing and directing HR affairs and becomes a spokesperson on behalf of the management. He does not indulge in implementing HR policies, compliance, and administrative functions; rather invests time in making policies and future planning of HR-related needs.
He becomes a consultant within the organization for the management and acts as a spokesperson for the HR department and employees. He should be a gifted communicator, an expert on human resources with business acumen, and a positive approach towards solving challenges.

Difference between HR partner and HR business partner

HR managers, as we know, are the ones who oversee the entire HR department functioning. However, when it comes to HR business partner role description,  they are there to work with various department managers including the HR manager of the company in developing a plan to hire the best people for every job opening. What they do is related to the present and future both and impacts business success massively.

HR Business Partner Skills

To become an HR business partner, given the changing times and increase in use of technology to manage business functions, adeptness with tools and technology like HR software, artificial intelligence are a given. Besides, cross cultural competence, knowledge of the business, people and project management skills with the ability to tackle, foresee, and strategise for change and transformation are also required.

HR business partner role and responsibilities

In HRBP or HR business partner role and responsibilities, you must align business objectives at employee and managerial level both. To accomplish the role you need to have a great level of business literacy, their financial position, culture competition and the growth plans.

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