Can We Still Safely Celebrate Diwali? Yes! Try These Ideas

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Diwali Celebration

One of the most auspicious Indian festivals is around the corner. Yes, we are talking about the festival of lights, Diwali. Unfortunately, things will be acutely different this year. With the news of the third wave of COVID-19 making rounds, every Indian citizen is looking out for ways to celebrate and enjoy Diwali 2020 safely. Talking about the corporate world, companies, be it small or big, are also clueless about how to share the Diwali cheer with their remote employees. Let’s face it, every employee waits for this time of the year for that bonus, gifts, office party, and whatnot. In this case, not making them feel included or appreciated can impact their engagement as well as productivity levels along the way.

In this blog, we have included some exciting ideas to get you started with the virtual Diwali celebration with your distant employees. You can use them for Christmas, New year, and other festivals as well! 


We have officially made it to a virtual era this year. With the majority of Indian businesses working remotely, employers and employees have made peace with the fact that WFH is the new normal. From client meetings to employee performance reviews, almost every operation is promptly carried out through laptops and desktops today. That being said, let’s celebrate Diwali the same way! So, one of the best virtual Diwali celebration ideas is getting together your entire workforce in a video call. This is just a perfect way to unwind employees from their busy lives and help them get into the mood of festivities with a virtual twist.


A video call alone will obviously be boring. Make it more interesting for your employees by deciding on a theme. Themes never go wrong as they help employees to participate and connect more. Now, you can go for any theme, from Bollywood to traditional outfits of India. We all know that the whole quarantine thing is not letting people dress up as they used to do earlier. In such a scenario, a theme will certainly give them a chance to get ready and look pretty, regardless of the unprecedented time. Believe us, this will help you to add more elegance and glam to your virtual Diwali celebration.


To make your theme-based virtual Diwali celebration more lively, the next idea is to include some games. If you search on the internet, you can easily find a host of games that you can play virtually. Now, the whole idea of playing games is getting every individual in the spirit. For instance, managers can challenge their team members to come up with the best rangoli or earthen lamps (Diya) art. Games such as bingo, Pictionary, charades, etc can also make your virtual Diwali celebration great in this trash fire we are living in today.


This year was tough for everyone. Needless to say, every employee has worked hard and even put extra effort to help their companies to sail through this crisis time. Even with a salary cut, employees ensured to be their best selves all this while. Truth be told, no employer should ever forget their dedication. Especially this Diwali, every employee deserves to be felt considered. Hence, surprise them with gifts, sweets, or cards. Now, like an old saying, “it isn’t the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it.” Having said that, you can send them anything; however, just make sure that it is creative and useful.


From singing to mimicking, every employee will have some or other talent. You can encourage them to showcase their talents to make your virtual Diwali celebration more fun. To make them comfortable, you can start with yourself first. Your participation will, undoubtedly, give them the courage to come forward and take part in the celebration. In addition to this, you can also recognize and acknowledge the best performers. Also, don’t forget to inform your employees what the best performer gets. This will increase the number of participants to a great extent. Now, HR software can make things easier for you. Using such systems, you can give badges, rewards, and points to your employees in just a few clicks.

That’s all!

These are the five virtual Diwali celebration ideas you can try in this difficult time. This means it is high time for you to embrace technology and automated software tools to reach out to your employees on this Diwali. Considering all the points mentioned above, make sure that your employees do not miss out on the festival of fun and gaiety.

Lastly, wishing you and your team a very Happy Diwali. As we celebrate Diwali this year, let’s hope that it brings new opportunities in the coming days and help us to overcome the global pandemic, COVID-19, super soon.

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