How To Celebrate Christmas & New Year At Work During COVID-19?

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Christmas and New Year celebration in covid19

Wearing masks all the time, not greeting with hugs and handshakes has indeed become normal now. The term ‘new normal’ seems to be quite justified, everyone has understood that staying confined to the four walls would do no good and so have started going out more than before with precautions. This new laid back and fearful life has become acceptable for us, but what saddens the most is that we all at some point of time actually thought that by the season of festivities, the world will see a triumph over COVID-19. 

As far as the year-end party at the workplace is concerned- Remember the time when some of us used to find reasons to not attend it, this year absence of it is making us all gloomy. But, don’t worry, we have something to bring a smile on your face. In this blog, we are sharing a few of the ways to party this time of the year in these unfortunate times. 

Bonus: Since Diwali is around the corner, you can take some cues from here as well. Just mend the precautions required in the current scenario and they should do good! 

Organise a Trivia Night

To do it virtually you can use apps to create your own version or the ones already made in it. Besides, you can also use the scribble feature on zoom app to have a little Pictionary session.  Another great idea is to have the arrangements done for small groups rather than the whole office coming together to celebrate. You can book some outdoor location, hire a caterer or ask them to bring their own food and bottle. This way small picnic groups could be created. Outdoor movie screening would be a great add on. 

NOTE: Use HR software in India to make the announcement of the way you are planning to celebrate this time so that everyone knows. 

Have a virtual award ceremony

Based on the performance and R&R received, you can have an award ceremony wherein you can reward the winners with a prize. Infact apart from the professional skills, you can also have some new award titles like, ‘Best WFH desk’, ‘Best Watercooler Person’, ‘Most entertaining one’. Some inspiration from FRIENDS won’t hurt as well. Get creative with the titles. For instance- ‘The one with the most badges’ and so on! 

Initiate a reward program 

For business who have been in a no-profit no-loss or profiting proposition most or all of the time this year, initiating a reward program can be a great way to share blessings. After all your business is what it is because of your employees’ sheer dedication, thank them! 

Be your employees’ Secret Santa

Everyone would not be comfortable celebrating in person, so Secret Santa could be the best way to gift and share the spirit. You can run a Pulse Survey using HR software in India like HROne wherein you can ask the employees how they would like to celebrate this time. Let them choose the options if the majority likes this idea, go ahead with this. Assign secret Santas for everyone over mail or send gifts on your behalf to everyone. Take the help of their respective managers for this. 

Needless to say, you can embed ‘raise a toast session’ or have a happy hour during any of the virtual celebration events. There’s still hope from next year things will go back to the ‘actual normal’ soon. So, this probably would be your first and last virtual celebration, why frown for not having the usual celebration when you can make it special in different ways. 

Have a Merry + Cautious Celebration!

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