7 Quintessential Letter Writing Rules Every HR Must Follow

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Appointment Letter Format

We have several options to explore when it comes to drafting an official letter. Be it the top-notch tools to generate the content for a letter, the one-click downloadable templates for every format available online or simply copying the details from a reference document, a gamut of “easy ways out” are available. But, have you wondered what impact a self-created offer letter format with letter writing rules that helps to personalized touch every time could make on the new joiners?

It would have everything in place and exactly the way you need it to be. Just a little strategized effort and you can DIY! Trust me, it is no rocket science. You just need to know the purpose of the letter you are drafting and gain some basic letter writing tricks.

Mentioned below are 7 classic rules of writing a formal letter issued to the employees by HRs/ Managers. Have a quick look:

Frame It Like A Perfectionist!

While drafting a professional document, especially a letter in favor of an employee, ensure that the format used by you is the latest in the market. Take care of the layout of the letter including the outline/ boundaries on each side, the gaps between paragraphs and the uniformity of font style and size across the entire content of the letter. The overall frame of the letter should look intact and tidy.

Watermark/ Logo Is A Must

Many HRs forget to put the company logo or watermark on the official papers. This is a bad practice to follow as it increases the chances of counterfeiting or faking such confidential documents. Thus, it is imperative to secure the formal letters like an appointment letter format, an employment letter or a relieving letter which could be used as proof of employment at a later stage. 

Choose A Striking Subject

Till now, we have only talked about the letter development preparations. The actual work starts now. The subject line is the most impactful part of any letter. You need to make sure that you choose a to-the-point and precise one-liner to tell what the letter is about in your subject. It must be self-explanatory and intrigue the reader to read further.

Keep The Salutation Appropriate

Try to understand the level and background of the recipient of the letter. If it is someone closely related to you, the salutation should be friendly mentioning words like ‘dear’ and ‘folks’. Else, words of high regard can be mentioned such as ‘respected’, ‘honored’ and ‘ highly esteemed’. Taking note of the salutation helps to foster the kind of bond you share with the receiving party.

The Letter Body Is Principal

Now comes the most significant part! Letter body is the core of such documents. Suppose you are drafting an offer letter format, consider all the possible aspects of the job you have offered and what exactly needs to be told to the newbie. Be it the position offered, the remuneration, the working conditions, and the compensation & benefits, all the specifics revolving around the job must be carefully explained in the letter body. It is the most elaborate part of a letter and thus needs added understanding and attention. 

Leave Your Mark At The End

And…. It’s done! Just one last step and you have created an official letter all by yourself. This is the part of the document where you end on a good note with a subtle ‘thank you’ and the best wishes for the addressee. A cordial statement at the end along with your communication details leaves the possibility of future interactions. It can take you a long way and will always keep you in good books of the receiver.

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