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Appointment Letter

Get a free appointment letter sample template by HROne and forward it to the employees as they get on board.

Preparing a different appointment letter format for every new employee is time and energy-consuming. So, avail a ready-made document to customize according to the need.

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Key Highlights

Our customizable/personalizable appointment letter format in Word will do half the work for you!
Use the standard HROne template, and share the perfect appointment letter with the newbies. Before that, ensure it aligns with your requirements by including the key elements:

What is an Appointment Letter?


An appointment letter is an official document that employers issue to their employees after they have spent working for a good amount of time in the organization. It is a common myth that offer letters and appointment letters are more or less the same. But, the fact is, both of these documents have clear differences including the varying formats, the content bodies, the time of release, and the levels of authenticity. Holding a great significance in the employee lifecycle, appointment letters can be used for various purposes such as:

  • By the employer to share in-depth job-related information with the employee
  • By the employer to uphold employment confirmation of the employee
  • By the employee as a valid proof of employment to an outsider

“After 3 years of working, employees who are promoted have a 70% chance of staying onboard, the ones who made a lateral move have a 62% chance of staying, and those who remained in their current positions have a 45% chance of staying.”

Why is an appointment letter important?

An appointment letter is crucial because it holds important employment-related information (as mentioned above). Since this kind of document can certainly create a brand impression and speak volumes about your company, it’s better to know it all before issuing it!

Done with the employee recruitment and onboarding process? Shared the appointment letter too? It’s time to start managing the complete employee lifecycle using HROne workforce management software to make their and your lives easier.

For this purpose, you can download and go through our standard template for appointment letter format and modify the same as per your own suitability to save time and ease the letter creation process.