4 Questions To Contemplate Before Investing in an HR Software

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Choosing the right software for your company is crucial. Especially when it is an HR software, you need to be even more vigilant.Almost every time when an organization realizes that the software they have invested in, isn’t what they actually needed in the first place; they start wondering where they went wrong.

However, if introspection of the organization-specific needs would have been done earlier, this would not have happened. Nonetheless, it is better to do things right in the first go, than to lament the loss of time and money later. Read this blog to know the questions you must ask yourself.

What are our biggest HR grievances?

Contemplate! Try to think of the times that made you feel the need of an HR tool in the first place. It may be that one grave error or a series of minor errors while processing the payroll. Another concern may be finishing the budget allocated for the recruitment process before the end of the year. Or the disgruntled employees due to improper handling of their issues, appraisals and etc.

This will help you understand better what you must have in the software you are contemplating to invest in.

Which HR tasks are consuming most of the time of the organization?

Time is the most valuable resource. When you are in a business, every second counts. Money can still be earned again but lost time cannot be recovered. So, jot down the most time-consuming HR tasks. The best you can do is to give a slip to each HR person of your organization. Ask them to think and write the 3 tasks that consume most of their time. Let each one give their inputs without any discussions to get a genuine answer to this question.

This answer will help you in inquiring the various HR vendors if their software is capable of completing this tasks speedily.


What is the amount we are willing to invest in an HR software?

You always need to know the current pricing modules and then ascertain the budget you have. This will narrow down the list of vendors you should be reaching out to. This will save a lot of your time.

What are the major concerns that you are thinking to mitigate with the implementation of the software?

If you have some budget limitations, you should ask the vendor for some other option by which you can save few bucks. You may want to pay for the modules you would want to use it to the core leaving behind others

By asking the aforementioned questions, you will have a clear idea of what you are expecting out of an HR software. Moreover, this will also prevent the scenarios of you getting tricked into buying a software that won’t suffice your organizational needs. You will come up as an organization that has done some research before actually reaching out to the vendor. Hence, you will be able to pitch your needs better and thus get the best solution in return.

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