When Payroll Management Becomes a Cakewalk with HROne

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Payroll processing has never been easy. Be it processing monthly salaries or handling company’s year end requirements to consolidating error-free documents and reports. Luckily, we have one enterprise-ready software in place that enables you to view your employee data at ease and access all your HR-related information in minutes. With this software, it is easy to say goodbye to payroll inconsistencies. HROne is such software that is just right for your business. With this software, you can give your employees a bird’s eye view of their leave status, provide quick links to apply for leaves, view and download payslips and declare their investments at any point of time.

Managing end-to-end payroll requirements

Create Multiple Pay Structures

Do you have hundreds or thousands of workforce and feel intimidated to make their pay structures? You can use HROne software with which it is like a piece of cake to create pay structures for your workforce. This software provides you an automatic breakup of CTC.

Address Complex Payroll Calculations

Spending long hours on complex payroll calculations is a thing of passé. This software ensures that all you calculation logic is taken care of in a jiffy. So, for HR personnel HROne is always on their top priority list.

Auto-Generate Reports

Reporting has never been this easier. With HRMS software, you can generate a variety of payroll and statutory reports with greater ease. This includes paysheets, PF, ESI statements, tax sheets at the click of a button.

Automate Your Payroll

No more spreadsheets or clunky software when you have this amazing software besides you. Your HR and admin team is working tirelessly to bring great talent on board and managing everything from end-to-end. So, it’s time to gift your business and your employees with an intuitive and simple payroll software. HROne team has done all the smart work to give you an interface to run your payroll in just a few simple steps.

Configure Leaves based on Organisation Policies

Is your business based out of disparate locations? No worries. You can use this smart solution to configure location-based holiday and workweek calendars based on your organizational needs.

Automate Your Taxes

Every state has a different tax structure, but are these differences bothering you?  HROne is a smart HRMS software that automatically updates all state-level payroll compliances. There is nothing to worry about payroll compliances as (PF, PT, ESI and LWF) get calculated simultaneously.


Automatic Full and Final Settlement (FnF) Process

As HR folks initiate the F&F process, this HRMS intelligently calculates full and final payables and receivables for an employee.  Key payroll details such as yearly bonus, payable days, gratuity, leave encashment, medical and other details along with exit formalities are handles down easily and with great precision.

Help you store sensitive information

Your employees’ data is critical for managing the entire employment lifecycle. This smart and robust R&R software helps you store both sensitive and professional information in an extremely secure manner.  As you expand your database, there is nothing to worry about storing and updating personal employee records.

Handling all facets of payroll task can really be a mundane job replete with complexities and errors. Being a robust and enterprise-ready software, HROne is a software which helps you to stay on top on payroll tax regulations, lower risk of compliance, errors and penalties, and support your entire employee payroll life-cycle, from date of joining to full and final.

Should you be looking for a payroll outsourcing company that can help you mitigate all complexities in payroll management, then HROne team is just a step away to meet you in person.

Make your Payroll fun and easy!

Learn how HROne Payroll software can help you automate Payroll & stay 100% compliant!

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