How To Establish Robust R&R With HR Software?

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Establish Robust R&Amp;R With Hr Software

“People work to earn money, but go the extra mile for appreciation, rewards, and recognition.” This saying has become the soul mantra for organizations to motivate the workforce and enhance their overall productivity. R&R is not just a good-to-have option anymore but is now an integral must-have employee engagement strategy of every company. Earlier, there used to be contemporary awards, medals, and trophies to acknowledge the outperforming employees on an annual basis. But, in this technology-driven era, the complete management of the complex R&R programs can be easily done with state-of-the-art HR software anytime. So now, since every single operation involved in the R&R process is entirely automated, it becomes more vigorous and effortless. 

Let us walk through the different ways in which we can utilize HR software to make the R&R procedure more structured and efficient:

  • Prepare and allot KPIs
  • Track and manage performance
  • Schedule daily, weekly and monthly R&R
  • Auto-send appreciation mails
  • Organize 360-degree review
  • Create surveys and polls

Prepare and Allot KPIs

Depending upon the KRAs and daily responsibilities, you can set targets and make a list of key performance indicators for the employees to achieve. The KPIs can be divided basis the difference in individual roles and varying nature of departments and assigned to employees via a common HRM platform. This will maintain healthy competition among the team members, thereby improving their overall productivity. You can use HROne Performance Management Software to streamline the KPIs, KRAs, and other factors.

Track and Manage Performance

Using reporting and analytics dashboards to assess and manage the performance of employees is a common approach nowadays. You can check the current status and progress of work and suggest improvement areas. On the contrary, you can also see the accomplishment of goals and plan for the upcoming R&R accordingly.

Schedule Daily, Weekly, and Monthly R&R

Yearly R&R events are too mainstream! To boost productivity as well as the morale of employees, you can launch quizzes on your HR software every day or at least organize weekly/ monthly contests. These competition-like activities are not only fun but also help the manpower to learn more skills and motivate them to grow professionally.

Auto Send Appreciation Mails

Out of the many features of a robust HR software, automatically sent messages/ mails are one of the most useful. It is vital to keep the workforce updated about their performance. Whether it is sending a personal appreciation message through a chatbot or a widespread email to announce an extraordinary achievement, the deserving employees should know that they are valued. In the new normal, learn how to drive employee performance:

Organize 360 Degree Review

Gone are the days when only team leaders and managers used to evaluate the conduct and performance of employees. Now, not just the organization but the external clients can also participate in assessing the behavior, performance, and contribution of employees. 

You can also start an exchange of badges or ask every employee to give ratings on the basis of results of a competition or their basic professional characteristics. In this way, there would be no biased judgments during R&R and the promotions/ appraisals would be fair.

Create Surveys and Polls

This is the most fun and interesting way of recording feedback from the employees about each other. Also, surveys and polls help to nominate the best candidate for the much-awaited yearly R&R programs. Using the customized and reliable HRMS available these days such as HROne, you can create different types of votes and analysis to involve all-inclusive reviews and conduct transparent R&R activities basis the results.

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