Want To Be A Keeper Of The Job-Hopping Millennials? Do This…

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Agreed! They switch their jobs frequently. Despite knowing the nature, they are still being hired by the companies time and again. Why? There are many reasons behind that but the first and foremost is the enthusiasm, innovation and creativity companies get in lieu of what they pay.

Perhaps the biggest reason for freshers who are also millennials is the pay itself. However, this isn’t the only reason for them to switch jobs, there are many other things that matter a lot to them. 

“Millennials don’t expect extraordinary things from the organisation, it’s just the little things that matter.”

Curious to know what can keep these talent houses glued to you? After all, high employee turnover is the last thing you will ever desire. Let us begin. 

What are the reasons for them to hop jobs one after the other?

  • They seek work-life balance
  • They want to be a part of the bigger plan
  • They want recognition
  • They are looking for a better working environment
  • They want appropriate remuneration

What can you do to stop this job-hopping pattern in your organisation?

Provide them flexibility- 

Don’t fix their working hours, make the time flexible. Either define the total hours they need to complete weekly or keep that day-wise. You can even allow them to work from their homes for a few days in a month.  Make your work policies so flexible that they find it hard to leave your organisation. That’s the best, offer the kind of flexibility that other companies might not be. Once they will get accustomed to that life, they will find it hard to hop-from-the-job they have. You can use the best HR software in India to pay them for the actual work hours.

Promote a collaborative culture- 

Millennials want to be heard and be a part of the bigger plan. In order to make them feel valued, managers should ask for their opinions and suggestions before making decisions. Let feedback meetings happen over a cup of coffee in a cafeteria or somewhere else. Before you tell them what you don’t like about them or their work, ask them the same about the company and yourself. This will make them more open to your feedback be it negative or positive.

Offer them learning opportunities- 

Every millennial just like any other employee is working not to stay in the same position but to rise in terms of position and remuneration. For the same, they need opportunities to learn and hone their skills even more. However, there isn’t much of the time left after their office hours. Hence, their growth generally comes to a halt as there is nothing new that they are able to learn. So, cultivate an environment where employees get the opportunities to learn and upgrade what they already know.
Either ask the employees if there is some course or new technology they would like the company to pay for. It could be a workshop, a webinar, an online course etc.

Compensate them as per their ability-

The stigma of experience is real and India isn’t rising over it any sooner. Agreed, fresher millennials don’t have the expertise, but they do have the ability and enthusiasm. Then why to equate their experience with their salary. Pay them for the efforts they put in and the ability they have. You can take the help of the best HR software in India, make use of gamification to see the performance and pay them accordingly. And they will surely not leave the organisation. Why will they not appreciate a company that appreciates and values their presence with the right remuneration?

Bonus Tip: Don’t poke them unnecessarily. Assign them weekly tasks and give them the space to work. Intervening too much can frown any millennial as this leaves an impression of distrust.

Final Thoughts
Is all of that a little too much to ask for? Maybe. But this is exactly what they want and just like its a customer-oriented market, we now have an employee-oriented market too. If a millennial won’t feel cherished and valued in your organisation he would rather go to some other organisation.
There is no in-between, you keep your employees happy and they keep your organisation happy in return.

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