Gamification: The Best HR Tech Trend Of The Decade

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In the past few years, recall the things that made it to the top headlines in the news? Narendra Modi, Cricket World Cup, Demonetization, Candy Crush, Article 370, Pokemon Go and PubG, …

We know that games aren’t the new fad but in recent times, gaming has started taking over the world.  Games went from being the preserve of geeks and nerds to being more noticeable than films. And now it has attracted a lot of hype as a way to engage employees in HR-related activities.

Gamification can offer your workforce the immersive engagement experience they want.

“A study has shown that our brains are wired for pleasure. The game simulates thrill and keeps our minds engaged and happy.”

So, in this blog, we tell you a few gamification ideas that will help you to increase and improve employee engagement are as follows. 

Points, Badges, and Trophies

When employees are publicly or even privately recognized, they feel more satisfied and accomplished. The HRMS gamified platforms these days allow employees to view awards on their dashboards and then they can recognize other employees for their great work. Employees react positively to challenges that permit them to feel like they are working towards a goal.

Tangible Rewards

As your employees perform activities in HRMS like attending training or 100% attendance, etc., they should be rewarded by the points scheme. You can further drive employee engagement by integrating tangible rewards into your gamification program. In fact, you can also give your employees the option to redeem these points.

Career Development

Many employees co-relate such gamification with online games where there are progressive levels. Just like games offer previews of future levels to keep players curious, gamification is used in some HR software in the same way to support employee career growth.

Using the same, you can give your workforce a glimpse of all career opportunities in the form of levels in HRMS. It intrigues the employees to work harder and smarter as they get to see the skills, learning, and efforts required to go to the next career level.

My Take

Of course, gamification is a great approach to drive employee engagement but be clear about the results you want and identify what suits your workforce better. 

Opting for a stand-alone gamification software may turn out to be worthless but integrating it with your HR Software or buying software that has it already is worth every penny invested. Many vendors are excited about offering HR solutions with in-built gamification proficiency.

In case you are looking to migrate to a cloud-based HR and recruitment management software or change the existing one, have a word on gamification compatibility and future prospects with HROne by scheduling a demo today! 

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