Thank God it’s Monday!

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Monday 3

Well, if you are wondering what’s there in a Monday to thank for, you are at the right place!

For long we have heard tales of Monday blues, of Mondays being a damper. Let’s change the trend, let’s make Monday’s happening, let’s make Happy Monday!

You’d Wonder Why?

Monday is very important because it sets the tone for your week. Skip your morning walks on Monday, it’s even easier to skip it on Tuesday. This resonates to office work too! Skip planning or prospecting on Monday, and the odds are high that you will miss it for the whole week. This is no superstition, but simple science that if you let things go easy in the beginning, just because its “blue or boring’, by the time you are back in control, you would have already lost good amount of time!

So.. Jazz up!

Monday traffic jams. Monday morning stand up meetings. Sky high list of to-dos. Yes, Monday has all of this, and still can be totally rocking. Here’s a list of simple things that you can do to make your Mondays happy:

  • Take your favorite food to work, after all, some lip smacking food can cheer anyone up.
  • Dress well, wear your favorite color. Feel good about yourself.
  • Do you listen to music at work or while driving? Open the Pandora box and create a Monday special playlist of your all-time favorite numbers.
  • Don’t panic at the number of emails. Take a deep breath and plan your work for the week, allocate and re-assign. Sorting stuff out on Monday, gives a great sense of achievement.

Small things can make a lot of difference to how we look at things. It’s all in the mind after all. On Friday’s everyone if gung-ho about the two days off. You spend 5 days of the week at office, why not make the first one a special one? As we just did by sharing this post with you.  Happy Monday!

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