6 Simple Ways to Get That Happy Vibe on Monday

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For majority of the working folks, Monday remains the most hated day of the week. From Monday traffic jams to unexpected mails and meetings, just anything can give people a “Monday Morning Blue”. But hang on! There are ways to make your Mondays totally cool. Here are six easy ways to keep the Monday blues at bay!

  1. Don’t lose it all on weekends
    People who are more stressful at work see weekends as days to escape work and try to squeeze in everything on these two days. Take it easy on weekends. Who says you can’t have fun on weekdays too? From a quick dinner with friends to a movie outing, there are things that you can do through the week. Do not put all that pressure on the weekends as it may leave you all tired up on a Monday.
  2. Pre-plan on Sundays
    Monday morning starts with you rushing to decide an outfit and collecting your work items from the table while still being in hangover. Just to avoid the chaos, why not plan this on Sunday itself and enjoy some free time on a Monday morning?
  3. Wake up an hour early
    Waking up an hour early in the morning will give you plenty of time to get ready, have proper breakfast and do some physical work too. Jogging or yoga before work will get your blood pumping and will eventually makes your brain release some happy endorphins which will help you mentally prepare for the day ahead.
  4. Find the blues

    Monday Blues? Find out what is making it blue and try easing the day out. Reschedule your Monday meetings or find an obscure room in the office read newspaper and have a cup of tea/coffee, it will let you adjust to the environment easily and you will feel less burdened on the first day of work week.

  5. Find some fun
    Having fun on Monday? Try finding some ways to engage employees you and some co-workers (if possible) in some fun activity and energize the whole office. Playing some happy Monday games or introducing a session where you discuss the movies you watched on the weekend will surely make you more awake.
  6. Get some tunes
    Listening to your favorite music (not sad/dull obviously) while getting ready or driving to work can pump you up with super energy and will boost up your mood instantly. And you are now ready to work on this marvelous day of Monday!

Don’t forget that well begun is half done. So make the most of your Monday and have a superb week ahead!

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