CoronaVirus: 5 Precautions To Be Taken At Your Workplace

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Coronavirus Symptoms

Speaking explicitly of the current scenario, the world is in absolute chaos after the sudden outbreak in December 2019. The swift upsurge in this alarming situation that started from its first reported case in China and now spread over 70 locations across the globe demands immediate attention.

Crowded places, group assemblies/ gatherings, and other populated areas are the most prone to this dire public health concern accounting to its contagious nature. Talk about heavily inhabited sites that could be in danger and you can’t ignore offices and workplaces being vulnerable. Thus, it is extremely imperative to start taking preventive actions ASAP to curb this menace from hijacking the corporate world.

Why Such A Fuss About COVID-19? (Definition)

COVID-19 is the CoronaVirus Disease, primarily observed in animals and transferable to human beings that causes acute respiratory ailments.

There is a commotion around this condition because of the threatening statistics according to which 2% of the population reportedly affected by it are already dead, 5% suffer from the critical disease with multiple organ failure, 14% have breathlessness or pneumonia and the remaining infected segment fights with chronic respiratory and other kinds of illness.

Coronavirus Symptoms: Know Before It Hits You!

Right when you notice any sign of CoronaVirus hitting you, consult a doctor/ take medical assistance. Some of the prevalent coronavirus symptoms include:

  • Sore Throat
  • Cough & Cold
  • Fever 
  • Breathing Problem
  • Muscle Pain/ Bodyache
  • Prolonged Tiredness

Coronavirus Precautions: Block It Right There!

Now, coming to the point, let us look at the easiest yet most effective 5 ways that you can implement in your organization as preventive/ precautionary measures against CoronaVirus:

Spread The Word Like Wildfire

The first thing you can do is to release an email blast/ mass or bulk mailer as internal communication so that each and every employee is informed about the severity of this condition. Some people have myths/ half-knowledge about the matter so it is better to use authentic sources like WHO and UNICEF articles as references. Next, the word of mouth will automatically do its thing to disseminate the news to every nook & corner of the company and beyond.

Deep Clean Office Every Day

The regular “brooming and mopping” sort of cleanliness is just not enough to keep your staff safe from this fatal disease. You need to put in extra effort and adopt office deep cleaning services that involve sanitization of particular spaces. Replacing curtains, mats, sheets and washing floors & utensils every other day. Besides, disinfectants can be sprayed and hand sanitizers can be kept at accessible places to fight COVID-19 at your minimum level.

Organize Regular Medical Check-ups

From basic health check-ups that include recording body temperature and analyzing the functioning of lungs to distributing the most prescribed N-95 masks for this virus. You have to perform every health and medical assessment on your employees. After all, they are the most important and valuable assets of your organization. Take good care of them!

Say A Big ‘NO’ To Mass Gatherings!

Avoid conducting group meetings, big events and massive gatherings that require a large part of the workforce present in a single room.

Since close proximity, touch and any type of contact can transfer the disease from one infected individual to another. It is highly recommended to stay isolated in case you feel any Coronavirus Symptoms of the disease.

Apply Both Way Travel Restrictions

It is wise to neither visit a CoronaVirus prone area nor invite any foreigner suspects to your office, who might bring it as the “worst imported gift ever” for you! So, postpone all your business trips and offshore meetings for a while until the air is clear.

So, postpone all your business trips and offshore meetings for a while until the air is clear.

Travel restrictions might put a lot of profit to your company on hold, but will definitely keep your human resources safe.

In the end, even if a single test for CoronaVirus comes out to be positive, you must take instant actions to stop the escalation of the same such as:

  • Providing WFH (Work From Home) and similar facilities to all the employees
  • Shutting down the office for the required number of days
  • Building a “Quarantine Zone” inside the office premises to isolate the patient


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