We Made Our Workspace Greener And This Happened…

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We at Uneecops have always believed in taking good care of our employees. So, we made up our mind to give a fresher feel to our workspace in Noida, and what better than surrounding them with nature in and around the office?

After talking to a few vendors and reading about the decor ideas, we decided to make our office space as close to a walk in nature. We packed the office terrace and entrance with hanging plants, flowers, green grass, palm trees, pebbles. We also added earthen pots, bamboo sticks and wooden seating and flooring wherever required to make the look all the more sustainable and environment-friendly.

After all that was done, we observed several changes. Please keep reading to know what they are as just like us you would also be surprised by the end of this post.

The employees became calmer and focused

Psychologically, the color green stimulates calmness and keeps the employees refreshed. Dark forest green and grass green have been used by us as they are the most ideal shades of green to elevate concentration while keeping the mind relaxed.

The health of employees improved

Work stress is one of the biggest factors responsible for decreasing the health of the employees. The presence of nature improved the air quality and reduced the impact of dust and toxins. Being around nature improved their mental health. We actually observed a 30 % drop in sick days and a 26% increase in cognition.

They now enjoy morning/evening walk inside the office

Just like free lunches help in improving employee engagement, the greener space has become a reason for our employees to walk during the short breaks they take. The same has made the teams and employees more harmonious. They even do several work related discussions while walking.

The employees became more productive

UK researchers claim that productivity increases by 15% when employees are surrounded by greenery. We believe in the quality of work and ever since our employees have taken a breath of fresh air, they have become more productive as the stress has reduced. Infact, when they need a change of surroundings or some peace, they sit on a bench outside amidst nature.

The employees and candidates became more engaged

Whether it is the employees or the candidates coming for interviews, we have observed them more engaged now. The look and feel clearly matters a lot. Everyone wants to work in a good ambience and making the space greener has helped us in achieving a higher engagement rate. It has even become a good photo booth for individuals. What left us startled even more was the fact that the ratings and reviews we get from employees and candidates have also scaled up. People are actually talking about how impressed they are with the green office decor.

In short, the green areas have helped in improving the well being, reducing stress, increasing attention, which in turn has ultimately increased the productivity of the company. Moreover, not just the employees are happy, we and ofcourse they are glad that we are leaving a smaller carbon footprint now. Nevertheless, we never thought a little makeover of our office would bring such great changes.

Liked the new office look? Want to incorporate something similar at your space? Start by making little changes in your office decor. Keep some indoor plants like the spider plants, snake plants, rubber plants, aloe or succulents inside the office or maybe create a green wall inside. 

Remember, greener spaces lead to happier people!

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