The Rising Workplace Trends Your Company Should Follow

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They say trends doom with time but some trends are surprisingly so good that they continue to rule. In this blog, we share with you 4 such trends that your company should follow to become a great place to work.

  • Flexible Work Hours : The concept of giving the butt in seat time to the office from 9 to 5 is quite passé now. With the increase in acceptance of HR software globally, the concept has shifted to performing the work beyond office hours, when needed. In short, the boundary between work and life has become very porous. So, make sure your companies recognise the importance of providing flexibility- adjust the start and end time or give work from home or both in a month for several days. The same will make the employees more loyal and productive as it will show how much you value and care. 
  • Honest and timely performance reviews : More often than not, employees are not aware of the expectations. The main reason for the same is the lack of timely and honest performance reviews. In their opinion, if they are doing great, they should be appreciated so that they get more invested in their work. Likewise, if they are not performing at par according to the management, they should know so that they can work upon the loopholes and get the appraisal at the final yearly performance review. 
  • Good use of Artificial Intelligence : Chat-bots are the best example of how fastly AI is becoming more and more commonplace. Just like it is used actively in customer relations, and now in recruitment and employee engagement. Some of the best HR software in India, have a chatbot that takes customer grievances as well. Besides, when it comes to recruitment, AI is highly potent in scanning the resumes and present to you the best fits for the position. This thereby eliminates the need to scan every resume through eyes manually allowing time to the recruiters to work with the hiring managers and improving candidate experience. 
  • Embrace the ageing workforce : For every loyal and hard-working employee in your organisation is bound to get retired at a certain age, make the young workforce ready to be like him. The notion of embracing the ageing workforce promotes the idea of retaining the employee till the age he can work and when he has to be released from his services, you should make sure that he imparts his skills and learnings by means of mentoring. Else, you can also initiate a two-way mentoring program between two entirely different generations. Doing so will allow the retiring employee to transfer his knowledge to the current generation of workers efficaciously. 

Apart from the aforementioned rising workplace trends, there are many more that you should follow. Taking care of mental, emotional and financial wellness is one of those. So, adopt these trends to keep your employees and workplace happy. Also, don’t forget to share it with others.

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