33 New Retirement Gift Ideas To Honor Your People’s Effort [+13 Gift Cards Included]

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Retirement Gifts

Retirement is said to be a major milestone in an employee’s life. It highlights the end of a long and perhaps fulfilling career that deserves recognition and celebration.

Organizations organize a farewell party, team members share their best wishes and gifts, and many more shenanigans occur when employees serve a long time at the same place before finally retiring.

A perfect retirement gift can be a token of gratitude, good wishes, or thankfulness and can be cherished as a memento for the employee. So, let’s read more about retirement gifts.

What are Retirement Gifts?

Retirement gifts are gifts given as a token of affection and recognition for an employee’s dedicated service to an organization. The perfect gifts are given at the time of the employee’s retirement and serve as a remembrance of the employee’s long-standing career.

5 Tips for Deciding the Right Retirement Ideas

Employees have plans that they wish to pursue post-retirement. Retirement gifts must be commensurate with these plans. Here are some useful tips for deciding the perfect retirement gift for an employee.

Give a Personalized Retirement Gift       

Some employees want to travel and see the world, while others wish to pursue their long-lost hobbies. Some may want to learn a musical instrument or become fitter physically. It is wise to choose a gift that suits their interests. A handwritten note must go with the present.

Stay Updated with the Changing Times

As people approach retirement, their expectations keep changing. Some people can reach financial independence by the time they are in their 50s, while others may want to work longer. Thus, gifts must evolve with the changing times.

Make the Gift Exciting

The gift given to the employee must spark enthusiasm and interest. A gift that showcases the employee’s important career milestones is not just thoughtful but also meaningful. It is an ode to the employee’s contribution. Retirement is an exciting time in the life of an employee so the gift must be exciting too. Eco-friendly gifts make a good gift choice.

Keep it Meaningful and Appropriate

Keep in mind the emotions of an employee while planning the gift. Employees on the verge of retirement may suffer from an identity loss. The gift chosen must add meaning and bring a sense of positivity to the employee. You can also checkout these reward and recognition quotes and get inspired to write something for them.

Get Creative

Choose a gift for the retiring employee and make sure it is creative and makes the heart rate go faster. A gardening book for an employee who enjoys gardening or baking supplies for someone who loves to bake is a way in which a gift can be made creative.

11 Unique Retirement Gifts for Men

Here is our list of some unique gift ideas for men. Most of them are not gender specific and can be gifted to anyone:

A Beautiful Wine Decanter

Men post their retirement love to enjoy the finer things in life. A personalized wine decanter is a beautiful thing to gift a man. It is a must-have tool in every man’s bar and captures his special moments with friends and family.

A Box of Wonderful Surprises

Retirement is one of the most personal moments in a man’s life. The special moments of a man’s career can be beautifully captured in a little box of surprises. It could be things as simple as a beautiful pen, a photo frame with colleagues or a tie. 

Custom Grill Tools

Some male employees love outdoor activities such as grilling their favorite foods in the countryside. Customized, stainless steel grill tools are just the perfect gift to come in handy whenever he has the urge to grill a tasty barbeque.

A Flute Set

Flutes are tall glasses ideally used for drinking wines or champagne. Flute glasses are a much-treasured gift and must be personalized with the employee’s name. It is a perfect idea to mark the end of a man’s career.

A Smart Watch

In this new, virtual world, a water-resistant smartwatch is perhaps the best gift to give to a male employee on his retirement. It will allow him to keep track of his health and daily appointments.

Retirement Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs make wonderful retirement gifts. They are symbolic of days of leisure spent reading a good book. Many corporate organizations invest in coffee mugs as the perfect retirement gift for men. The mugs can be personalized with witty messages or just his name inscribed.

A Good Book

If you share a strong employer- employee relationship, you would know what he likes to do in his spare time.  time. If not, you can also take cues from their close friend at work. Many male employees are avid readers and a good book might just be the perfect retirement gift option. A good novel that your employee has been waiting to get his hands on would be the perfect retirement gift.

Travel or Gym Bags

Men are big on fitness and a good gym bag or workout bag can be a great retirement gift. The present can be personalized with the employee’s name. Additional freebies such as gym accessories can be wonderful accompaniments to the bag.

Coupons to Spa Retreats

Post-retirement, many male employees are looking at travel or a holiday escape. A coupon discount to a spa retreat is a beautiful gift option for a retiring employee.


Hammocks can be the perfect recreational retirement gift for male employees. This is yet another gift symbolic of leisure and rest, something all male employees look forward to.

Power Banks

A power bank is a super retirement gift option for a male or even a female employee who loves to travel. Power banks make wonderful back-ups for laptops, Kindles, and phones while on the move.

You can also give them gift cards and help your retiring employee fulfill their personal new year resolution finally.

Retirement Gift Card Ideas
33 New Retirement Gift Ideas To Honor Your People's Effort [+13 Gift Cards Included] 1

11 Unique Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Searching for the perfect retirement gift for a woman employee is just a list away:

Wall Art

A personally inscribed wall painting with a thoughtful message can create a sense of nostalgia for women.  The name of the employee adds a personal touch.

Inspirational Coffee Mugs

Female workers can be given customized coffee mugs that showcase their tireless contribution to the organization. The mug can be personalized with a heartwarming parting message.

Gardening Tools

Retiring offers a chance to women to embrace passions and activities that were once neglected. Gardening is a common way to pass time and gardening tools make a great retirement gift.

Scented Candles

Simple gifts speak volumes, and a large-size set of scented candles make a lovely parting gift for women employees. With an assortment of aromas available, there are several great options to choose from.

Wooden Trays

Many women work tirelessly in the kitchen to feed their families and retirement is the perfect opportunity to present female employees with a wooden tray for hosting post-retirement parties.

Luxe Bouquets

Artificial flowers that are tastefully chosen make wonderful retirement presents for women. The bouquets can be filled with an assortment of flowers such as delicate anemones and scabiosa.

Tote Bags

Women are often seen with some type of bag as they carry out their daily activities post-retirement, and a large tote bag is a great place to start when choosing a retirement gift.

Spa Gift Boxes

A beautiful box that encompasses scented soaps and oils makes the perfect retirement gift for a female colleague.

Toiletry Bags

Retirement brings about the opportunity to travel for women employees. An organizer case or toiletry bag makes a great gift for a woman about to embark on a new adventure.

Wine Glasses

Many women post-retirement love to curl up with a good book and a glass of wine. A wine glass as a retirement gift can cut straight to the point.

Photo Frames

Women employees love nostalgic memorabilia and a photo frame fits the bill. It could be one with her team or colleagues.

Medal Display Cases

These come in handy for women who are about to finish their tour of duty and wish to display their honors and awards.

11 Humorous Retirement Gift Ideas

These gifts can leave any employee grinning ear-to-ear:

  • Charming Candles – A sassy tagline along with these candles can leave your retiring employees in fits of laughter.
  • Gorgeous Clocks – These clocks can showcase the work week and bring a daily giggle to the lucky owner.
  • Purses – A purse that says ‘work will suck without you’ can bring out a smile to the face.
  • Retirement Pillows – Pillows make amusing gifts that constantly remind employees that they are now free to relax and sleep as they please.
  • Wine Bags – These indicate that the employees are now free to consume as much wine as they like
  • A book of funny jokes – Books with generous dollops of humor are the perfect keepsake for retiring employees.
  • A Pension Cap and Sash – Sashes with a witty one-liner make wonderful and funny retirement gifts.
  • Do Not Disturb Socks – Novelty socks are humorous retirement gifts and depict a lifetime of laborious work.
  • T-shirts – T-shirts with funny names and captions are hilarious pieces of memorabilia for a retiring employee.
  • Do-it-yourself T-shirts – Life and mood T-shirts are made from pure cotton and are available for both men and women.
  • Novelty canes – These sticks serve as a reminder to the retiring employee that they are now aging.
  • I said no pens – No retiring employee wants a pen as a gift, so this is a funny reminder about the one thing that no retiring employee wishes to see.

Parting Thoughts

For employees who work most of their lives, retirement is the perfect moment to shout out and rejoice. To choose the best retirement gifts, it is important to select gifts that go with the employees’ personality, interests and hobbies. While you are busy making it memorable for them, you can leave the exit formalities to workforce automation tool.

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