Part 2: The Most Engaging Email Templates Recruiters Must Use

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In Part 1 of this popular blog of our resources section, we shared email templates with you for the time when you are sending an assignment, inviting the candidate for an interview, sourcing candidates or sharing the schedule for a phone interview.

Now, in this blog, we tell you some more scenarios along with the most engaging email templates for them. Let’s begin!

  • Sending mass rejection emails: A good recruitment and attendance management software can help you a lot with that. As far as the template part is concerned, here is what you should write. We advise you to be formal in your tone. 


Thank you for your time and effort. We truly appreciate the same. However, we reviewed the application/assignment; we regret to inform you that you have not been considered. Even though you are good at what you do, we feel you could be a better fit for some other organisation.

Once again, thank you for your interest, we wish you all the luck for the next steps you take.

  • Rejecting candidates after the interview: Rejecting in the first phase of recruitment is not as harsh as this is. When you have met the candidate in person and then selected someone else over him, your mail needs to be personalised. At this time, you can get informal with your tone. Tell them what you really liked. If they ask, send a proper feedback. 


We genuinely appreciate the time you took out for the interview to discuss the role and your candidature. We were delighted to learn about you and your accomplishments.

However, we had to make the difficult choice of selecting the one. This time our team did not select/shortlist you.

We will surely keep you updated with future openings so that we can have you onboard the next time.

Moreover, should you want any feedback in specific or would like to give some to us, do reply.

As of now, we wish you the best of luck for your job hunt.

  • Follow up email for candidates who didn’t show up: As a recruiter, you feel really vexed and betrayed when a candidate promises but doesn’t show up for the interview. But, you cannot reveal your true emotion, so here is an example of how to convey your message in a muted way. 


We were expecting you at the scheduled time for the interview today. So, we are assuming you are not interested in the role anymore. 

However, if you didn’t show up this time due to some issue, let us know.

All the best!

  • Follow up mail to the selected candidate after interview: The best candidate will have more offers in hand, so you really need to increase the pace at which you are onboarding the candidate. The same can be done by entering the data properly in recruitment and attendance management software. But before that, you need a confirmation from the candidate’s end.


Thanks for taking out time. Our hiring team really liked you. They believe that you will be a great addition to the team. As one of the shortlisted candidates, please let me know the best time to schedule another meeting or call for the last step of the process. 

For more templates, you can always check the templates section in HROne resources section.


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