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Best 2022 Reads

It has been a year of unprecedented challenges and unbelievable opportunities for HR teams. As organizations emerge stronger from the pandemic and the subsequent Great Resignation trend, HR operating models have transformed radically. HR is now a strategic function navigating a turbulent recruitment market, building a dynamic workforce, developing and engaging top talent, and building a coveted employer brand. 

The HROne Annual Blog Wrap-up! 

We at HROne have kept you abreast with the latest HR trends around the year. Here we present our annual, year-end blog wrap-up to showcase the best content we produced in 2022. Make sure you don’t miss any of these posts. These will add tremendous value to your HR strategies and help you march ahead of your competitors. 

#1. Predictive Analytics In HR: 5 Excellent EXAMPLES You Can Copy From! 

This post demonstrates how world-class organizations use predictive analytics for HR with five real-life case studies. 

  • The use cases discussed vary across the employee lifecycle – from streamlining recruitment to reducing attrition.  
  • It also offers recent statistics about how organizations use the different types of analytics in HR.  
  • The post then talks about how HRM systems facilitate predictive analytics and delves into its business benefits.  

#2. How to Create a Glorious People Analytics Strategy: Playbook 

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Year-End Blog Wrap - Up - Our Best Reads Combined In One 1

If you aim to set up a People Analytics function in your organization or want to explore how it can transform your HR operations, this post is for you.  

  • It starts with the basics – definition, types, and typical applications of people analytics. 
  • It then provides a step-by-step approach to setting up your HR analytics strategy and the best practices to keep in mind. 

#3. Why Care About Attrition & Retention Analytics of Your Business [+Ways to Improve] 

Year-End Blog Wrap - Up - Our Best Reads Combined In One 2

Yet another great read in our HR analytics series, this post focuses on attrition and retention, the two significant challenges in the Great Resignation era. 

  • It starts by defining attrition and retention and why you need to measure them. 
  • Then it describes a step-by-step process for attrition and retention analytics. 
  • It ends with four high-ROI retention strategies you can adopt for your organization. 

#4. How to Make Winning HR Digital Transformation Roadmap 

This post offers an exhaustive analysis of an HR Digital transformation journey. This post will clarify if you aim to bring a transformative change in your HR work models and automation strategies but need help deciding where to start. 

  • It begins by demystifying the term – HR Digital Transformation – as opposed to digitization or digitalization. 
  • It discusses the challenges and offers a roadmap to navigate through them. 
  • Towards the end, it looks at examples and a real-life case study of digital HR transformation demonstrating the benefits. 

#5. 21 proven HR cost reduction strategies for economic downturns 

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Year-End Blog Wrap - Up - Our Best Reads Combined In One 3

HR cost reduction is one of the most relevant topics in today’s tumultuous market conditions. This post discusses how HR functions can optimize costs without compromising organizational goals during economic downturns. 

  • It starts with three main buckets of HR reforms that can cut costs. 
  • It lists 20+ cost reduction strategies with relevant statistics. The strategies focus on positive changes in HR work strategies that can save on costs rather than workforce cuts. 

#6. Data-Driven HR Strategy: 5 Simple Ways to Build It [+Real Life Examples] 

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Year-End Blog Wrap - Up - Our Best Reads Combined In One 4

Data-backed HR strategies have emerged as the key differentiators between leading and laggard organizations during the pandemic period. This post will help you create HR strategies that are informed, agile and adaptable. 

  • It begins by listing the HR areas where data analytics can boost business outcomes.  
  • It then offers steps for building data-driven HR strategies for your organization. 
  • It ends with a case study of a global investment bank that saved $100 million+ annually with analytics-backed HR decisions. 

 #7. Creative Recruitment Strategy Plan for the busy HRs 

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Year-End Blog Wrap - Up - Our Best Reads Combined In One 5

Enterprises are vying to stand out as the most attractive employees in this cut-throat talent market. This post offers hacks for building an irresistible employer brand. 

  • It begins by defining the components and benefits of a recruitment strategy plan and the different types of recruitment methods. 
  • It then lists seven steps to chart a super-effective recruitment plan that ensures you attract top talent for your organization. 

#8. 4 crucial employee experience lifecycle stages +ways to optimize 

This post discusses how HR teams can create engaging experiences across the employee lifecycle from recruitment to exit.  

  • It breaks down the end-to-end employee lifecycle into four stages and offers steps to optimize each. 
  • It then describes how HR professionals can track employee experience KPIs (key performance indicators) and the best practices to optimize them. 

#9. 7 Best HR Strategies to Meet New Age Employee Expectations 

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Year-End Blog Wrap - Up - Our Best Reads Combined In One 6

Employee expectations have undergone a paradigm shift in the last two years. This post addresses the challenge of keeping up with new-age employee preferences to outperform competitors in the talent market. 

  • It lists five new-age expectations that HR teams must meet to engage and retain employees. The list includes soft motivators such as company culture and a sense of purpose. 
  • It also provides HR strategies to meet these expectations across the employee lifecycle.  

#10. Complete Guide: Effective Campus Recruitment Strategy 

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Year-End Blog Wrap - Up - Our Best Reads Combined In One 7

Campus recruitment is an essential component of HR strategy for building a dynamic workforce up-to-date with new skills and aspiring for growth and learning. This post offers a comprehensive drill down into each of its phases and essential hacks to make your campus recruitment drive a high-ROI initiative. 

  • It includes a 7-step cheat sheet to take your campus recruitment plan to the next level.  
  • It also explains how to set achievable campus recruitment goals and keep within budgets when hiring freshers. 

#11. How to Build a Better Compensation Strategy: A step-by-step guide 

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Year-End Blog Wrap - Up - Our Best Reads Combined In One 8

HR Teams must walk a tightrope to attract and retain top talent consistently while working within the financial budgets of an organization. The good news is that you can effectively compensate your employees in ways other than monetary benefits.  

  • The post defines the components of a compensation strategy and the three chief models you can choose. 
  • It also offers an eight-step compensation strategy roadmap that allows you to design a wholesome compensation plan you can benchmark against competitors and refine with continuous employee feedback. 

#12. Break the Bias: How to create Gender Neutral Workplace 

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Year-End Blog Wrap - Up - Our Best Reads Combined In One 9

Posted on International Women’s Day 2022, we at HROne, proudly showcase this blog post to help enterprises take their first step towards actively becoming a gender-neutral workplace.  

  • We first explain how gender bias appears in various aspects of HR, from the interview process to performance management appraisals.  
  • We then offer simple but practical ways to empower female employees in the workplace to deliver their true potential.  

As a bonus – the post includes some awesome quotes from our female leaders and a heartfelt note from our CEO. 

#13. 25 Easy to Adopt Diversity & Inclusion Practices for 2022 

DE&I is now a top-of-the-list action item for most world-class enterprises. If you wish to be a front-runner in building and reaping the benefits of   

 a truly diverse workforce, this post will get you started. 

  • The post starts by explaining the three terms in the workplace context – diversity, inclusion, and equity. 
  • It offers an in-depth list of 25 practical ways to promote DE&I in your talent recruitment and engagement strategies. 
  • It ends by describing the tangible business benefits an effective DE&I strategy can bring your organization.  

#14. Transform Your D&I Recruitment Strategy: 10 Powerful Tips [+Template] 

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Year-End Blog Wrap - Up - Our Best Reads Combined In One 10

An unbiased recruitment process is the foundation of a diverse and inclusive workforce.  

  • This post offers tried and tested hacks for creating a D&I recruitment strategy. 
  • It also includes a note on the benefits of a hiring process that imbibes D&I principles with statistical evidence of the business benefits.  
  • You can also download a D&I recruitment strategy kit with ready-to-use templates to get a headstart. 

#15. Become a better employer: How to manage unhappy employees post appraisal 

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Year-End Blog Wrap - Up - Our Best Reads Combined In One 11

We have tried to address one of the most commonly faced HR challenges in this post – How to manage post-appraisal blues? 

  • The post starts by explaining how to identify unhappy employees. 
  • It offers managers and HR professionals tips to bring about a positive change in appraisal communication.  
  • It also provides insights into the most effective non-monetary ways to alleviate post-appraisal dissatisfaction. 

#16. Top 4 Strategies for effective organizational change management 

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Year-End Blog Wrap - Up - Our Best Reads Combined In One 12

HR Teams will have to continue to manage disruptive organizational transformations in the future. HROne brings a detailed post on streamlining change management with a structured approach.  

  • The blog starts with the Scott and Jaffe change model to understand how employees react to change. 
  • It then describes, in detail, four time-tested strategies for seamless change management. 
  • It also covers the skills needed and the basic principles governing change management strategies. 

#17. How Leaders use Employee Surveys to Create Positive Workplace 

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Year-End Blog Wrap - Up - Our Best Reads Combined In One 13

The last post in our blog wrap-up is about a tool that HR Teams use often but rarely to its potential – employee surveys. 

  • This post offers tips for employee survey design and essential questions to measure employee sentiment. 
  • It also lists five easy steps to drive positive change based on the survey results data. 

HR Automation for Future Workplace 

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Year-End Blog Wrap - Up - Our Best Reads Combined In One 14

Here is a list of our top 5 blog posts on HR Tech this year! 

#1. HR Automation Use cases for Forward-Looking CHROs 

#2. Attendance Management in Hybrid Working Model: HR Playbook 

#3. Recruitment Automation: The Definitive Guide for HRs 

#4. A-Z Guide to Payroll Automation: Strategies & Use Cases 

 #5. Rebooting Hybrid Workplace and HR Technology- Future of Work 

If you are embarking on your HR automation journey, don’t miss the first one that offers one of the most comprehensive lists of HR automation use cases available on the internet. Use it as a checklist to choose which to focus on to begin your journey. 

The rest of the four blog posts focus on crucial HR aspects most suited for automation – attendance management, recruitment, payroll, and hybrid workplaces. Each offers a detailed study of the relevant workflows, use cases, and the benefits of automating these HR processes.  

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