Ninja Techniques To Make It Through The Probation Period

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Probation Period- Yes! It is quite daunting for every working professional to survive that 6 month period and get confirmed finally. No matter how exceptionally good you are at what you do, at one corner of your mind, you will still have that thought buzzing- Will I be confirmed or handed over a probation extension letter?

Ok! Even if this thought doesn’t cross your head often, it surely does come whenever you have a small argument with your manager, you take planned or unplanned leaves for a couple of days or are not able to match the expectations of the management. 

Isn’t it? Yes?? No worries, this blog has got you covered! After reading this, your mind won’t get muddled with negative thoughts like this. Instead, you will end up utilising in being the best version of yourself.

Also, before I begin spilling the beans to you, remember it is not just your work that counts but your behavior too. Let us begin.

The Behavior

Observe the environment and colleagues

For the first week, talk less and observe more. Every team typically has a more amiable and helpful person, an arrogant one, and a humorous one and many more. Just like all fingers are not the same, all the employees also won’t be. You must also observe which colleague has what kind of equation with the manager- also know, most importantly how your manager is. Some managers like to gel up well with the team, and some are like strict school teachers. Look at the frequency and duration of breaks. Basically, understand how the work culture and people really are.

Interact with colleagues, HR and manager

Decide your interaction and the topics you talk about with the office mates according to your observations about them. Don’t start telling your new-found friend in the office your perceptions and opinions about others (not this soon!)

It is also great to interact with not just your team, but other departments, your work is interrelated to. Besides, it is also quintessential to have a conversation with managers and HR.
Be humble, talk about the work they do, their experience with the company. Start making your presence felt, people, should like you (as in the impression should not be negative). Also, to be in the good books of your manager, make sure apart from your work you also adhere to taking fewer breaks(everything counts!). Remember, you aren’t the only one observing everyone else, people are keeping an eye on you too!

Bonus tips

Apart from the aforementioned points, you should also try to be assertive. Being aggressive or passive can get you into trouble. Avoid taking leaves as this may be considered by your manager as a sign of insincerity. Complete your work hours and stay back at the office when required. We promise this sort of conduct may end up curtailing your probation period and will keep that probation extension letter away- miles, miles, away from you…

The Work

Get your work noticed

Actions do speak louder than words, but words also have an importance of their own. Make sure the seniors know what you have been doing and never let any other person take the credit for what you do. Good or bad-  what’s yours is yours. Request your senior to let you present what you have done.

Request feedback

Managers usually like it when a little extra importance is given to them. So, whatever work you are doing try to keep not just the reporting manager but the manager as well in the loop. Maybe, go to their cabin, especially in a week or two to show him some of your work or ask him how is he liking the work you did uptil now. This will kill two birds with one stone- The manager will know what all you are doing and will also appreciate your diligence. Moreover, if the feedback is negative, you will get time to ascertain how he wants the work to be done.

Be an active participant in the meetings

Whenever a meeting is held, never sit like a dummy. Know the objective of the meeting and participate actively in it. But, make sure whatever you speak is making sense. Don’t speak anything and everything just for the sake of speaking.

Take initiatives

Tell the company what is wrong and what new should be brought to the table. Give them results. Show them that you know more and their decision to hire you was very right. A little warning before you start giving suggestions- don’t get too negative, watch out the tone you use.

Stay keen to discover and learn

Showing curiosity, taking up new tasks voluntarily, requesting for training or being inquisitive about your work and company, in general, is always considered as an add-on in the initial years.

Complete Your Deliverables on time

Needless to say, make sure you do the tasks on time without compromising the quality. If possible, try to complete it before the deadline.


If you are an HR, you should make the new employee feel welcomed. Take initiatives to interact with them, know if there is anything bothering them. Make sure the new employee is gradually being treated not as a guest but family.

Now that you have read the blog, implement it, and step in the office with that confident ninja walk and talk.

Good Luck or shall I say Ding-5! 😀

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