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Probation Extension Letter

Employee Performance Not Meeting Expectations? Get a free probation extension letter template and give them another chance to redeem themselves.

Save hours of creating a new probation extension letter every time by customizing the HROne standard sample template as per your need.

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Don’t just get disheartened! Given the right guidance, even an underperforming employee can surprise you with flying colors.
Make use of our latest probation period extension letter template, and tell your employees you’ve got their back.

What is a Probation Extension Letter?


The HR professionals and managers of respective departments in an organization track and assess the performance of the teams on a regular basis. Now, the newly recruited employees who are unable to achieve the stipulated targets during their probation period (initial months) of employment are put under a performance improvement plan (PIP). This whole phenomenon of delaying employee confirmation is known as probation extension. And the letter issued as a warning as well as a second opportunity to the employee is called a probation extension letter.

“More than 60% of 18-34 years old said their productivity at work suffers due to stress over poor work-life balance or unrealistic professional demands” – 2019 employee engagement and loyalty statistics

Why is a probation extension letter important?

There is one primary importance of the probation extension letter – it helps the employees to prove themselves again if they fail to do so for any reason once. Now, an alternative to the termination of employees, this second chance also serves as a method of employee retention by winning over their trust. It makes the new workforce feel valued and wanted even when they are unable to perform well.

Too many probation extensions due to deteriorating employee performance? You’ve reached the right place! HROne’s performance management software will keep track of the workforce progress for steering clear of the probation period extension of more new joiners.

Download the free HROne probation extension letter template now, and see happy faces of your employees as they get a +1 opportunity to stay.