Is your leave and Attendance Management System from the Dinosaur Age?

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Employee – “I need to take a leave tomorrow for some personal work. But prior to this, I need to inform my manager for that. I will inform him in the evening after finishing my today’s work. And in the evening… oh I forgot to inform my manager or even write an email to him… this is really tedious job to inform him personally every time I need any leave for myself.”

Manager – “I need to approve so many leave requests that are waiting in my mailbox. And, I need to keep track of it who all are going for the leave. Oh God, what if there is some system that can help me in tracking all this information, which I can get glimpse of at end of my business day? “

These types of situations occur in every industry, where time and attendance rule may vary as per the organization’s need. It is a tedious work and consumes lot of time and energy.

Is it possible to automate the entire process of time, attendance and leave and make it ubiquitous for your employees to access?

Benefits of a Time Office Management Software

  • Improvise time-tracking, shift scheduling & reporting for all employees in the vertical.
  • Manages your employees’ check-in, check-out, as well as total number of hours they have contributed in a week for the betterment of the organization.
  • Automatically calculates each entry and exit of your employees to calculate the total number of hours worked during the week.

Introducing HROne

HR-One Time module comes with a completely self-driven approach that:

  • Allows you to access the time module anytime, anywhere, through desktops, online, and even your mobiles.
  • Provides three dashboards to update employees about their organization, track their attendance and salary; and lastly a planner to plan their tasks.
  • Facilitates single click access to apply or approve request, such as leaves, attendance, new hiring, travel request, expenses, etc.
  • Enables managers to view their team members and can raise request on behalf of them.
  • Permits you to define leaves types, company holidays, applying for and assigning of leaves for the employees of the organization.


With so much use of technology in all aspects of business, there is no reason the leave and attendance management system of your office needs to be archaic and outdated. Use software like HROne that helps make it easily accessible and real time.

Make your Attendance Management fun and easy!

Learn how HROne Attendance Management software can help you automate Attendance Management & stay 100% compliant!

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