Is PTO (Paid Time Off) Rush Impacting Your Business Goals? Read This…

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Your employees keep on accumulating their earned leaves balance year after year. As they are tempted to use all or half of them at once. But when more and more of your employees start going on vacations, it becomes a problem for your business; it starts getting impacted.

Don’t worry we have a solution for this as well. Take a quick look at this blog to know the ways to let employees enjoy their vacations without putting restrictions on them using an attendance management software.

Stay arranged

While you should allow them to take their PTOs, you should always have a system in place. Make sure an employee informs you a month before that he would be on so and so days leaves. However, if he has casual sick leave balance, he can avail that as and when he requires as sickness can’t really be anticipated. It is also very essential to define the PTO limit. If you will not do so, just imagine how the scenario would be. Management would be hard for you then. Have a procedure in place for everything. You may use a robust attendance management solution for crediting the right amount and marking the leaves but it cannot chase people on its own for you. If the policies will not be in place, your business will definitely suffer.

Authorize managers

Not just HRs but managers also should be able to access the necessary tools to have a substitute for the person going. They can even get some more important work done by the employee on a priority basis etc. Also, instead of maintaining everything in a spreadsheet, it is way wiser to use an attendance management software and asking the managers to filter the leave requests. This will lessen the burden of HR.

Make the environment happier

Appreciate the employees who are making it to the office daily even in the scorching heat or spine-chilling winters. Organise a potluck, order breakfasts, have team lunches and other fun activities. Take them to a picnic on Fridays. (at least once a month) You basically need to figure out what makes your workforce want to come back to the office daily.

Offer flexibility

Focus more on project reports and performance of the employees rather than making them sit in the office and complete the fixed working hours. Have a fair work policy in place and motivate employees to sort their PTO schedules according to one another, instead of all of them vanishing altogether.

The Way Forward

Managers must ask the employee taking PTOs to make sure he gives every material required from his end. The work of other teammates should not suffer because of his absence in office. Moreover, if not on vacay, and the person is working from home, make sure you have all the necessary conferencing tools in place and a good network connection for a hassle-free communication.

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