HROne Raises $4M Funding. Here’s the Before and After of It.

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We’ve found the right partners. Yes, that is the official news that the entire HROne team is overjoyed with. While you can read about it in all the eminent publications, we dedicate this space to talking about-

  • how we built HROne
  • the evolving workplace needs, of which HRTech is an integral part of.
  • about you (our current and future HROne enablers)
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HROne Raises $4M Funding. Here’s the Before and After of It. 1

How we built HROne?

The first version of our product was launched way back in 2016! At that time, the need of the hour was simple. The organisations were looking to organise and digitise their entire employee lifecycle in the shortest time possible.

As we onboarded our first 100 customers around the summer of 2017, we were sitting in a room brainstorming to rework our brand. But something just wasn’t sitting right with us.

We felt there was a lot more to do, still. We dug deeper and found how the entire HR tech market is doing things the same old pen-and-paper way, the processes were merely digitised and not automated in a way that required absolutely minimal human intervention.

The new world of work needed us to change with it and be even more transparent, efficient, and interactive! That’s when we had our ‘Bahubhali Moment’ and decided to re-engineer and build what’s now called HROne Inbox!

The vision of HROne Inbox was simple— A product that democratises HR tasks, and comes with zero learning curve. We wanted to create the most delightful workplace experiences using top-class service and customer-grade platform experience.

And the rest is as you know it.

Today HROne Inbox is trusted by 900+ organisations to process 1 crore+ HR tasks monthly and get operative tasks done in an average of 1 hour per day. We are rated 9.5/10 for our support quality and TAT, which helps further our mission to unbusy HR from the administrative tasks and focus on the ‘human element’!

We did accomplish a lot while bootstrapping. The funding from Insitor Partners and Prudent Investment Managers accelerates our mission furthermore.

How is the workplace changing and evolving HR needs?

The unprecedented times have challenged organisations to rethink their ways of working, and HRTech has a major role to play here.

A lot has changed—- we don’t work in a typical work-from-office setup anymore, the distributed and multigenerational workforce has varied expectations, mere engagement initiatives to be ‘that’ brand don’t make the cut, and managing change isn’t an option anymore.
The role of HR has become more strategic than ever.

We believe every organisation deserves a viable option to transform the professional lives of its HR leaders and employees. All professionals must have the right means to seek freedom from the manual work that goes into repetitive and mundane HR tasks. And we are here for it!

What does the funding mean for you?

Karan Jain
HROne Raises $4M Funding. Here’s the Before and After of It. 2

We aim to ultimately become the # 1 go-to solution for every possible HR need in the modern-day workplace while keeping you (our current and potential users) at the epicenter of every change. Like always, we will continue to give HR the gift of time by offering simple automation for complex HR processes to achieve their professional ambition.  
With the funds, everything only gets better and faster for you. 

A Big Thanks
HROne Raises $4M Funding. Here’s the Before and After of It. 3

We also can’t go without showing our gratitude to each and every employee (current and past). It’s their passion and grit that have made HROne an undisputed leader in the industry.

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HROne Raises $4M Funding. Here’s the Before and After of It. 4

Get ready to break the manual task loop, build resilience for the future of work, and become unstoppable together furthermore! Because this HR elevation journey is only onwards and upwards from here.

To many more milestones ahead!

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