Employee Job Satisfaction Survey

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It is a survey done by the HR team wherein the employees are asked certain questions related to their job, life and workplace. It is usually taken place on the demand from management as part of the employee engagement plan.

Employee job satisfaction survey’s helps the management understand where they are lacking as an organisation, where they can improve and what employees enjoy.

These survey help to curb the gap between the management and their workforce. The employee attitude and sentiments gets reflected in such surveys. For business growth it is important to reinforce employee job satisfaction by revising and taking feedback from the receivers end.

One can conduct in-house surveys or if the company is global with many offices; they can hire survey companies to design and take the survey forward. One can know the negative and positive sentiment of employees from such surveys. The management today cannot sit with pre-conceived notions about their employee’s job satisfaction. They need to be out there and hear employees as they feel the need to be heard. What you achieve ultimately from employee job satisfaction survey is a reality check of your work culture.