7 Simple Ways To Keep Your Employees Truly Happy

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Happiness is the most important virtue in one’s life. If an individual is not content from within, he cannot give his best in his professional and personal life. While you cannot control what happens in the personal life of an employee, there is a lot that you can do to keep them happy when it comes to their professional life. As an HR, you must always remember that the happiness and wellness of your employees are the core of whatever you do.

So, make it a point to churn new ideas to have a more productive and conducive work environment. To begin with, read 7 of our tried and tested ways to see the satisfaction and happiness rate of employees soaring.

  • Interact with employees-  The HR’s and managers should make themselves approachable. The first step towards the same is to keep the doors of their cabin open. They should also spend time with their team during lunch hours or engage in light conversations. This will help the employees in speaking their heart out, no matter what grudge they have, they will come to you to talk about. This, in turn, will help you maintain harmony and keep employees happy. 
  • Show gratitude, and give rewards- You just cannot underestimate the power of a thank you. When an employee performs exceptionally well or works in tight deadlines, you should appreciate. For instance, if an employee did overtime, you can give them a movie/dinner/shopping vouchers along with a day off.
  • Pay them on time- Employees work to learn, earn and grow in their life. If you don’t pay them for all the efforts they have put in over the month, they will get demotivated. This is why to keep their spirits high, you should pay them the right amount timely using payroll software.
  • Be compassionate- It is very important for the colleagues, managers and HR to be compassionate. Instead of being task-focused, try being people-focused. When you will start understanding what sort of project they like to work more on, you will be able to assign them the work according to their interest. This will allow them to be their most productive self. The employees will respect you more and in return, work all the more efficaciously. 
  • Give social retreats- If not weekly, plan social retreats quarterly. Take your team out for lunch or dinner, or even to a party. This will help you in strengthening the bond that they share with each other and you. Remember good friendships are one of the major reasons that keep an employee happy and stick to an organisation for a longer time. 
  • Carve a career path for them- You can transfer salary timely using payroll software but still feel the urge to change the job. So, make sure that you show them a career path aka a proper opportunity to grow in the organisation. The same will not only keep them happy but motivated to perform exceptionally well so that they can climb the ladder at a faster pace. 
  • Provide added benefits- You should also offer medical benefits, life insurance, free lunch, gym memberships etc. Such benefits make your employees more loyal and happy. 

Start trying the aforementioned tips from today so that your employees stay the happiest at work.

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