Appraisal Letter

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It is the validation or proof by the employer to its employee in writing that their work has been noticed and recognized due to which they have been given a certain hike. The letter mentions their strengths and weaknesses and gives an overview of their personality from an outsider’s perspective.

Appraisal letters helps in boosting the morale of the employee, as they feel emancipated that their hard work has finally paid off. The letter mentions the current salary and the hike in percentage the person will get from there on. The extra bonus if there is any is also mentioned.

There are few appraisal letters that are sent to noteworthy employees that have done exceptionally well. The employer lauds them with praises and good pay increment.

Key highlights that every appraisal letter must have are name and contact of the person it is sent to. The letter should be personal and it should mention employee’s current designation and salary with revised designation and salary. The letter should be optimistic and should reflect strong support from their employer to its employees.