4 Fool-Proof Ways to Beat Appraisal Anxiety

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Appraisal Anxiety

Annual reviews are quite a stressful exercise for everyone. From HR to the employees and the managers, everyone goes through the same grind. Here are some tips on how you can take a chill pill and beat out the appraisal blues…

It’s the time of the year again! After the annual accountings and planning, it’s time to do a performance review and give out appraisals. Exciting as it may sound, this activity brings jitters to all. Be it the HR, employees or the managers, anxiety pangs visit all!

Ways to Beat Appraisal Anxiety

Well, there is no fool-proof remedy to take all your anxiety away, here are some quick ways that would help you stay calm and cool during the appraisal roller-coaster.

  • Be Prepared:

Do not walk into the room having any clue about anything. Appraisals are calendar events and you know beforehand when yours is happening. It is always good to ask your boss or the HR about what appraisal letter format would be followed and what you need to prepare for the same. And then you go prepared!

  • Do not fear feedback:

We’d all love appraisal when we just talk about good points and next year’s plan. But wait, what about your personal growth? If not given, ask for feedback. There is just no need to panic when you hear “feedback”. It doesn’t mean that you did everything wrong. We all know that no one is perfect. It is always good to take advice from your seniors on your improvement areas and work on them.

  • You know what you did best:

Unless have spent the whole year deleting emails and searching for friends on Facebook, you know it’s now going to be bad. One year is a long time for anyone to do a lot of great stuff. List out all your achievements, big or small. Be proud and confident about what you did right.

  • No room for surprises:

Do not wait for the whole year to hear the feedback that your boss has. Keep asking them about your performance and what you can do better on a regular basis. If you do this, a lot of things that you’d hear in the meeting room would sound familiar!

Appraisal times are an exciting phase in any company. Everyone gets pumped up and there is loads of anticipation and anxiety about what the numbers are going to be like. All you need is – just be prepared well. If you know what to expect., if you know what you achieved, the whole process would be a lot more productive, and less stressful

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Performance reviews may never be your favorite meeting of the year—they certainly won’t ever be mine. But if you know what to expect, go in with the right mindset, and try to eliminate surprises, you’ll find that they’re more productive—and enjoyable—than you ever thought possible.

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