4 Easy To Follow Tips To Spot The Right Candidate In Less Time

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Sourcing candidates may be time-consuming but still less dreadful than actually taking the final hiring decision. When asked about how easy deciding the final hire has been, 3 out 4 hiring managers said that the chances of spotting a clear winner for the position are as rare as hen’s teeth for them. So, before referring to the offer letter format and extending it, the herculean task of selecting the right candidate comes to the picture. But the good part is if you end up having two to three awesome candidates, your recruitment process is executed well.

But, it still does make the decision harder for you. So, in this blog, we share 4 easy to follow tips to spot the right candidate in less time.

  • Know what you are looking for really well- As a hiring manager, you may be aware of the basic requirements of the job profile but may still not be clear with the specific requirements. So, make sure you do your research or talk to the person of the same job profile in your office or immediate reporting manager for the position. This will help you know what all to look for in a candidate during the interview. To begin with, the following questions can help-
  • Rise above the biases you have in your mind- In some way or the other, while hiring the hiring manager tends to get bias. Honestly, it is quite a task to combat the same as most of our biases are developed unconsciously. There is a test known as the Harvard Implicit Association test, attempt that. The same will help you in knowing the biases which even you may not be aware of. Not only will you become more aware of the biases but will also be in a better position to combat them. To begin with, remember to ask yourself if you are rejecting the candidate because of a job- related tangible reason or something else?
  • Use objective hiring- Objective hiring minimizes the chances of any of your biases coming in the way. To enforce this hiring method, you should have a structured interviewing method in which you should have a set of questions defined that are to be asked from every candidate. You should also take notes, give remarks to each candidate so that you remember later on how well did the interview go. You can also have an interview scoreboard and a written test or a practical one to check their hands-on experience, skills and expertise.
  • And you have a hire! – After you have followed all the above-mentioned hiring steps, you would be able to spot the perfect hire to extend the appointment and offer letter after seeing the appointment letter format and offer letter format respectively. To choose the best out of the best, you would be required to just have a look at the scoreboard, notes and remarks. Besides, it is always a great idea to analyse their soft skills and ascertain who would be the perfect match for the current company culture.

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