3 Best Appointment Letter Sample Templates For Employees

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Appointment Letter Format

Employee recruitment is a pretty cumbersome responsibility! And it bothers you when you realize that your job is still not over after that. There are documents that need to be prepared and events that need to be organized. But with the right mindset and approach, it can be a cakewalk. The most critical document that is shared right after releasing an offer letter for a freshly hired employee is an Appointment Letter. It is an official proof of employment containing critical information about the multiple aspects of a job. 

The primary components of an appointment letter include:

  • Name of the organization and the candidate
  • Address of the organization and the candidate
  • Position offered to the candidate
  • Final remuneration (salary) offered 
  • Date and time of joining
  • Working hours and shift
  • Job location/ address
  • Job role, KRAs and KPIs
  • Company Policies and Guidelines
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Provision regarding termination
  • Documents to be produced post joining
  • Other job related terms and conditions

Now the bigger question is, what are the different ways of writing the best appointment letter? Along with the aforementioned elements, the main body of the letter should also include impactful content. Taking the difference in levels of experience of the employees, the tonality of the document changes. 

Let us look at these three appointment letter sample templates in order to understand the approach for writing the same:

  • Formal Appointment Letter

This type of appointment letter is usually shared with senior level candidates probably at a managerial or CXO level. It generally takes completion of the probation period to receive this letter from the HRs.

For example,

Dear Candidate’s Name,

Thank you for accepting the offer to work with XYZ (organization name). We are delighted to welcome you onboard and pleased to inform that you have been appointed as the XXX (Position Offered) in YYY (Department). Please grace us with your presence on ZZZ (Day/ Date) at AA:BB (Time) and attend the induction programme, specifically organized to address the new joiners like you.

It would be our pleasure to support your professional endeavors and nurture your dreams during your association with the organization.

Hoping for a long-term relationship and mutual contributions throughout this venture.

Yours sincerely

AAA (Sender’s Name)

  • Informal Appointment Letter

This type of appointment letter is commonly sent to freshers/ entry level candidates. It has the tone for a layman and sounds like a one-on-one interaction. This type of document is shared immediately after acceptance of the offer letter.

For example,

Dear Candidate’s Name,

Hurray! We are excited to inform you that you have been hired to work with XYZ (organization name)! The vacant position of XXX (Position Offered) in YYY (Department) is now being filed by you. For a better understanding of the organization and your job role, we are organizing an induction programme on ZZZ (Day/ Date) from AA:BB (Time) onwards. 

Expecting your presence at the event and wishing you all the best for your new beginnings.

Thanks and Regards

AAA (Sender’s Name)

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  • Mixed Appointment Letter

The third and last appointment letter can be sent to mid-level candidates. It uses the combination of a formal and an informal tone. This type of document is shared immediately after acceptance of the offer letter. It is usually shared with the candidates after acceptance of the offer letter. 

For example,

Dear Candidate’s Name,

Congratulations on becoming an integral part of XYZ (organization name)! You have been appointed as the XXX (Position Offered) in YYY (Department) of our company. There will be an induction programme for all new joiners on ZZZ (Day/ Date) from AA:BB (Time) onwards. We invite you to attend the same as it is a knowledge sharing session that would help you fit in the organization smoothly.

Kindly revert to this letter for confirmation of your presence at the event.

Yours sincerely

AAA (Sender’s Name)

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