How To Write An Appointment Letter Perfectly?

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An appointment letter is crucial to make the expectations to the new employee clear. Rolling it out is indeed very important for the employer so as to confirm the candidate that he has got so and so the position in the company and that the same has been accepted by the candidate as well. An appointment letter serves as an employment contract with terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of employment are mentioned in detail along with the benefits and a crystal clear description of job responsibilities. This is why it is very necessary to read and re-read every line. The employer should read the same before extending it to the new employee and the employee should sign the document after reading every line meticulously.

Tip for employers: Make sure the terms and conditions written in the employment contract are vetted by your legal executive.

Now, that we know the importance of and use of an appointment letter, let us have a look at the things one must keep in mind before writing a letter of appointment.

  • Now, that we know the importance of and use of an appointment letter, let us have a look at the things one must keep in mind before writing a letter of appointment.
  • Start the letter of appointment by clearly stating the name, title and address along with the company name. Also, make sure you mention the date of correspondence below the details of the address.
  • Include the right name and address of the receiver in your letter. In order to sound more humble, write their name in the salutation.
  • Make sure the subject line is clearly able to tell what the letter is regarding.
  • Write the most important thing, i.e the appointment of the candidate in the beginning of the letter. Don’t forget to write the reporting date as well.
  • After that if you want to meet the employee before the reporting date to sign the contract of employment, do mention that too.
  • Don’t forget to mention that you have a probation period. It just isn’t fair to forget or hide this important detail from them. So, mention the period of probation and other details. Let them know how it will affect their employment and salary during this time.
  • Keep in mind to mention the details of the deductions, mention the gross pay and net pay in the salary structure you send.
  • The details like the travel frequency and the number of transfers that may happen should also be mentioned.
  • Remind the receiver of the obligations and duties for the position they are being hired for.
  • You must also sign the appointment letter with full name, signature, seal and the stamp of the organization.

Tip for employees: Always keep the offer letter with you so as to avoid the discrepancies that may arise.

So, keep the aforementioned points in mind while writing an appointment letter. You can also have a look at a few of the appointment letter before you begin writing. Else, you can even download a template. Just make sure that the template has all the information you want the appointment letter to have. If you find some information missing, do add it yourself.

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