Unique & Interesting HR Policies Followed by these Companies

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Hr Policies

It is very well said that if your employees are happy, then they will be more efficient and loyal towards their work. But to achieve this goal, it is very important for organizations to start focusing towards their employees than it used to be in the past, may be, 10 years back.

Let’s see what is so unique and special that Human Resource departments are following these days to hire and sustain the best talent in their organization.


  • A lot of organizations are using new hiring techniques, such as social media to hire the best talent. New jobs are increasingly being posted on these sites and other online communities allowing recruiters to get the right fitment for the desired position.
  • Other advanced ideas, such as gamification helps in finding potential employees. In this mode of hiring, you organize events where you provide challenges virtually that includes the skills required for a respective job and see the results.


Once hired, the next challenge that the human resource department faces is how to retain the best talent of the organization. Can right incentives make a big difference? Well, now it is time for the HR department to upgrade their processes and come up with new ideas where they keep themselves in employees’ shoes and consider what they are thinking, reason behind their thoughts, and what are their aspirations.

HR department has to be one step ahead of its employees and come up with ideas where they can keep up employees’ morale and make them productive. It will help in controlling the attrition rate and boost up their morale. Isn’t it true to say that if you lose a good talent, it means you are losing a big business opportunity?

Companies that have come up with unique policies

  • Google turned ‘Human Resources’ department to ‘People Operations’ where the management believes in building a strong relationship between employee and employer. The company encourages its employees to invest some of their time towards their imagination and come up with their own out of the box ideas and value-addition initiatives.
  • Flipkart, one of the biggest electronic retail giant grants its employees unpaid breaks to take care of their personal responsibilities. The company also grants special offs for special events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and even for any other urgency in family or friends. These leaves are above the regular leaved being granted.
  • Vodafone and Accenture have come up with more benefits for its female employees. The employees are allowed to take leaves beyond the regular limits.
  • Aptech has come up with the concept of ‘Aptech Cafe’, which is not only a cafeteria but has massage chairs as well. Apart from this, employees can take a break in a game center and can even enjoy sometime with music in a Karaoke Bar. It helps people to de-stress themselves and focus in their work. Like other companies, there is a gymnasium and a personal guidance such as, dietician and nutritionist for employees ensuring them a lifestyle full of health.
  • Other companies offer flexible working hours, in-house portal where employees are even allowed to sell and purchase their things, be it car, phone, or music system. There are gaming sessions, casual day, and numerous such incentives.


If you are willing to invest in your workforce, in return your workforce will also love to invest in your business. So, don’t wait for any miracle to happen and focus to bring up with more new ideas as the above-mentioned companies to sustain the best talent and increase the revenues.

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