7 Underestimated Winter Workplace Perks You Should Provide

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Giving perks to your employees is one of the best and effortless ways to keep your employees truly happy. But, some companies shower their employees with love and care once in a blue moon like on Diwali. While you also must be pondering upon ways to celebrate Diwali at your office, it is really necessary to show the love and care you have for your employees consistently. But still businesses abhor from being consistent because when it comes to giving more perks, it instantly releases a signal to their brain of increase in the business cost. 

So, in this blog, we tell you some inexpensive perks that are underestimated quite more than often. Since, as an HR or company owner you are already quite aware of the most widely used perks, here are some less told ones.

  • More Work from Home- Waking up in the morning, coming in the spine chilling cold at the office feels nothing less than an absolute struggle. Infact, there are times when the sun doesn’t show up. Why make your employees come to the office on such days? If their work profile isn’t something that really requires them to come to the office then let them work from home for at least 1 or 2 days in a week. Else you can allow them to come late to the office on several days. You can always track their attendance and work hours using HR Management software.
  • Let Them Sunbathe- The weather is so cold all the time in general that the warmth of the sun rays feels like the best thing in life. So, just like you share your space with your team, you let them take breaks, allow them to work while they sunbathe. Try to set up a cute little work space or a seating arrangement where employees can go and sit with their laptops.  
  • Keep Woollens Handy- Why not keep some woollens at their work desk? Sometimes the more you cover your body feels like less. So, put stoles at their work desks so that they can wrap it around when they feel cold. You can also gift them mufflers and gloves. 
  • Place Blowers at the corners- The only time when your employees will love the heatwaves is this. So, place blowers in and around the work space. This will let employees love the work space more in winters. This would even become a reason for them to come to the office. 
  • Serve Hot Beverages- Winters tend to make a person lazier and less productive. Coffee, hot chocolate, and milk can become another reason for the employees to put the best of their efforts in the work they do.
  • Casual Dress Code- Another thing that can make your employee more productive in winters is the casual dress code. The employees already don’t feel like waking up in the morning, on top of that there is a dress code that they have to follow. When there is no rule levied, they can wake up, get ready and wear whatever they get their hands on first without putting much thought. 

Makke di roti te Sarson da saag once or twice at least in a month also won’t hurt! 😀

On the contrary, one should always remember that perks don’t shape the culture. If the culture of the company, in general, is not good enough, the employees will still have low morale. Keep coming back to HROne blogs for more tips and tricks related to employee engagement…

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