Technology Adaptation: How Industries Are Evolving In The Current Situation?

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Technology Adaption

Business sustainability in the times of Novel Coronavirus, calls for adapting to the latest technology.

Who would have thought that a virus could bring the entire global economy down? Everything ranging from government bodies and private companies to educational institutions and family businesses are facing a downtime. So, what exactly is the need of the hour? Technology Adaptation! Transforming the approaches and techniques to function remotely in the same way as we used to operate from our workplaces. And the only way to make that possible is by adapting to the latest technological advancements. 

Think about how schools and colleges have switched to conducting classes & tests online or how artists are organizing live sessions to remain active in the business. Similarly, organizations have come a long way in these tough times with the help of technology. Today, almost every corporate establishment is adopting the Work From Home method and thus, the concept of virtual offices. Apparently, HRMS solutions are proving to be the biggest contributors in helping businesses sail through the rough seas.

Did you know?

“64% of SMEs use HRMS software or other advanced HR technologies to simplify the management of the entire range of HR operations.” – BerniePortal (HRIS Provider)

Let us walk you through the different ways in which industries are evolving in the current situation by adapting to HR technologies:

  • Building Bridges For Communication

The communication gap is one of the biggest challenges when you are unable to meet your colleagues physically. Since the lockdown was enforced, WFH requires top-notch facilities to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations. The products of technology such as HCM suite are developed only to provide mediums for facilitating official interactions. The video-enabled calls, chatbots, and messengers help working professionals to be in touch with their peers despite the distance between them.  

  • Streamlining Data Management 

Another major hindrance that the personnel face is data integration and management. Using HRMS software, a decentralized database can be maintained to distribute employee information among their respective devices, controlled independently. Moreover, the Employee Self-Service feature can even allow the workforce to perform HR-related tasks on their own. For instance, marking attendance, raising requests, and making modifications in other data becomes as easy as pie!

  • Simplifying Reporting And Analytics

Businesses have become scared of the inability to control what’s going on! This issue can be resolved by maintaining appropriate reports and analyzing the same from time to time. By utilizing HR solutions, you can prepare and submit different kinds of reports to your supervisors. The same documents can be assessed by the senior managers to get valuable insights, thereby making business forecasts and formulating strategies.

  • Eliminating Security/Privacy Concerns

When the employees are working remotely, the company’s confidential information can be at a huge risk. Now, even here the HR technology comes to the rescue. The integration of HRIS makes your data safe using the privacy settings such as setting passwords, enabling firewalls and anti-malware. Basic training can also be imparted to the employees regarding security threats and data breach, etc. Due to rising challenges, employees also have to face pay cuts or layoffs.

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  • Fighting Productivity/ Performance Issues

Who said telecommuting is an obstacle in the way of productivity or performance management? Since almost all the HR operations can be easily managed using HR software, the days of compromising with numbers are gone. Be it submitting deliverables or tracking & evaluating performance, this technology can do it all.

  • Running All Possible HR Errands

Lastly, the bottom line is that HR software has helped business organizations stay afloat in this adverse condition. The pre-eminent HR technology providers like HROne have been doing wonders in this area and adapting to one can take you miles ahead.

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