SHRM Tech 2019: Best Things Happen Unexpectedly!

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I am writing this blog to gladly share with our lovely readers that we were a part of the talk of the town, precisely “the HR Town”. Yes! I am talking about the #SHRMTech19 that took place in Hyderabad on 22nd and 23rd May in full swing.
At SHRM Tech 2019, we heard, met, presented, promoted, connected, engaged, bonded over a 1000s HR partners, 100s business owners, and tens of technology enablers- All talking about happy workforces, engagement, collaboration, building teams, enhancing productivity and what not. Each presented its own set of science, philosophy, and humanising technology. ” Ironically, tools to humanise were not emotional intelligence but artificial intelligence.” I was one of them. We went to the extent of laying traps of neural networks and running machine learning algorithms to the way we function.

But, there was something unexpected that really followed at the end of the day that was no less than magic.

We were introduced to the Drum Circle. It came with a commitment to extract harmony. In almost 40 minutes, they built a team out of nothing, they trained all of us to the craft of jambe-ing and living moments. They created a tone which formed a narrative of organisational structure and functioning in the millennial world. It emphasized the importance of working together, engagement, increasing efficiency, learning on the fly and channelizing all the energy to meet goals efficiently. There was another undertone to it. We uncovered creativity which is also the heart of strategising and problem-solving.

All in all, the SHRM event was a fun-filled learning experience that offered HR software companies like us a great opportunity to know and grow more. “Not to forget, our little mascot of hard-work and mindfulness, “JOY” managed to grab the attention of every attendee on the floor.” He became very popular from the first day. People came to the stall not just to fill the forms but also to click pictures with JOY.

Eagerly waiting for more platforms and events to showcase the true potential of our product, HR-One!

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Magnum Gupta

Magnum is Product Manager for HR-One. He is a data scientist from ISB and a Six Sigma Black belt. He comes with ten years of strategic consultancy experience with product based companies in product implementation and absorption for clients like BMW, VW, Dell, Coke, GM etc. He is committed to revolutionise HR processes.

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