Restricted Holidays

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The leave policy and holiday entitlement in every organization is defined in compliance with the concerned state’s Shop and Establishment Act. Thus, employees are confined to avail a limited number of holidays as per their corporate leave calendar which is prepared basis the same. Mentioned in this act are certain optional holidays which hold local importance and are not applicable to every working professional. Such a catalogue of optional holidays is termed as Restricted Holidays. Out of this list, employees can avail only two holidays in a year based on their convenience and discretion which implies that it is a working day in offices on such occasions. These paid time offs are included in the record of holidays to promote cultural and religious pluralism of the country. 

Examples of common Restricted Holidays include New Year, Makar Sankranti, Onam, Raksha Bandhan, Guru Gobind Singh Birthday among others. It is the employer’s responsibility to keep the new joiners as well as the existing workforce posted about the Restricted Holidays. Be it informing right when they share an offer letter template with the newbies or at the start of every new year for the already working members. It not only allows every individual to plan leaves beforehand, but also at their ease.

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