Ram, Ravana or Hanuman- Who Are You At The Workplace?

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First things first, I am not trying to give any of you the title of being evil or virtuous. Ravana may have done a lot of damage to his image, he was a man full of qualities. Nonetheless, both Ram and Ravana were poles apart in every sense and we all have latent or active Ram or Ravana inside us at workplace and life.

Infact, if you were to trace the major instances in Ramayana you will realise that Ram was integral, honest, determined and a visionary, however, Ravana was a man of wisdom who was known for his execution, administration capabilities and for being stubborn and highly ambitious.

So, let us try and identify if you are Ram, Ravana or a mix of both!!!

  • You love to plan and keep the roadmap ready (mostly)- If you are one of those then you are a visionary just like Ram who has all the managerial qualities to lead and let others follow their guidance. Such employees also tend to have high work ethics, rarely exceed their timelines and welcome the ideas and opinions of others. Remember how Ram took his team together, welcomed their opinions and treated all of them with respect?
  • You respect your seniors and are ready to walk an extra mile (always)- If you are so then you are definitely the Hanuman of your office. Hanuman didn’t only put Ram in high accords but also did everything in his capacity to get Sita maiyaa back from Lanka. He went to Lanka to find out how is Sita. The same is just one instance of his devotion. If you are such an employee, you are a gem that every company wants but gets rarely. Finding a Hanuman like employee is tough even after using the recruitment management software to source the best candidates. 
  • You are truly loyal towards your company and its goals- Consider Surpanakha the rival companies and your current company Sita and recall the time when Surpanakha tried to woo Ram and he didn’t get swayed. You are like Ram in true sense if you are as loyal as Ram was towards Sita. Though it’s hard to not get swoon over by the offers, if you stick to realising the company goals, trust us, your company lowkey loves you just like you do.
  • You are a jack of many trades (if not all)- Tight schedules or taking up new work are not what you will ever desist. You are like Ravana because not only are you good at several things but you are also always interested in learning new things. Ravan was a great ruler, scholar, Veena player, brother and son. Tell me who won’t love an employee good at multifarious things and the one who is able to multitask too!

So, who are you the Ravana, Ram or Hanuman of your workplace? Don’t abstain others from identifying their Ramayana characters. Help them identify the same by sharing this blog.

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