Present Days

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Present days are the total number of days that an employee has been present in the organization. It excludes the weekly offs, PTOs, casual and sick leaves, earned leaves, etc. In fact, if the employee was on a half-day, it will count that day as 0.5 present-day and 0.5 absent or leave if you have applied for one.

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In this glossary, we cover the following-

  • Importance of the present day
  • Difference between present day and working day
  • What is present day period? 
  • Are holidays in a year also counted as present days?
  • Are leaves also counted as present days? 

Let’s look at them one at a time.

Importance of the present day

We are already aware of the Present day(s) meaning. It is really important to have a good number of present days of each employee every month so as to ensure smooth functioning and achieve those business outcomes. However, presenteeism must not be encouraged by companies as that would increase the present days of the employee but drain their output and work quality,

Difference between present day and working day

The terms present day and working day must not be confused with one another as they mean quite different.
Present day is the number of days an employee is present in the workplace.
Working day is the day that is not a holiday or weekly off. For example, Monday is a working day, whether you go to office to work that day or not is your choice. If you go the working day would be your present day otherwise it would become your absent day or leave with/ without pay day.
Another example of this could be Republic day. It is neither a working day nor a present day. In the attendance management software, it is marked as a Holiday.

What is present day period?

Present day period is the time/ hours in a day that you are supposed to be working in order to get marked as present for the day. For instance, if your present day period is 9 to 5 i.e. 8 hours and you worked for 4 hours then your present day period would be half and you would be marked present for half of the day. On the other hand, depending on your company policy, if your present day period is less than 2 hours or so and you had to leave the office work and premise due to some emergency then you would be marked as absent for the day. You can also apply for a leave for the day to avail paid time/day off.

Are holidays in a year also counted as present days?

Holidays, irrespective of their type are considered paid days just like present days. However, they are not considered present days. They are non working days and hence present days.

Are leaves also counted as present days?

No, just like holidays, leaves are also not counted or marked as present days. However, they are mostly paid for. If an employee has leave balance and is not on probation, his leave days are definitely considered in the paid days list. 

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