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Technology has been a great enabler in 2020. The past year, we have seen businesses embrace a multitude of software and tools to make their business survive the pandemic phase. Little did they know that what they are using as a means to survive a phase will become an integral way of running their respective businesses efficiently.

One software that helped the organisations solve their workforce and productivity concerns has to be HR software especially the ones that included performance management software.

Nevertheless, we are now returning to the old work model gradually but with more resilience to face the odds that may come. 

While all the employees have adjusted and supported business in such wavering times, now is the time for businesses to fairly appraise the employees. For the same, a great performance management software continues to stay relevant. Just like it was used last year to track work progress, collaborate and help employees upskill and perform to their best of their potential, it can now be used to appraise them fairly.

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In this blog,we attempt to tell you how this software is boosting revenue and how you can use it to your benefit.

  • How can performance management software boost revenue?
  • What are the benefits of using software for performance appraisal?
    • Collects data
    • Sets goals timely
    • Follows a top-down approach
    • Prefers transparent performance monitoring
    • Great at handling exigencies

How can performance management software boost revenue?

Clearly, the way your employees perform in the tasks assigned to them makes a world of a difference. With the help of an efficient performance management software, the employer can track and identify the skill gap, potential, best performers and more. Nothing motivates an employee like appreciation and money. When you appraise the employees fairly, you end up giving them all the motivation to push their boundaries. All the good work of employees collectively reflects in the business revenue. The logic is simple-

Performance= Motivation to work+ Best use of technology

and when Performance ⬆️, Business revenue ⬆️ too!

What are the benefits of using software for performance appraisal?

There are many appraisal methods that you can choose to follow. To know which method works best for your company, you can check our performance appraisal guide. 

Now, before you begin to use the performance management software to appraise your employees, here are some of the benefits that might intrigue you.

  • Collects data-
    It is not as easy as it sounds, rather as complex. When done without tech, it is prone to errors, duplicacy, and involves heavy paperwork. On the other hand, when tech is deployed everything is done speedily, accurately and safely.
  • Sets goals timely-
    When the goals are set timely in the system after discussion, the employees and employers both are reminded constantly of their deliverables and performance results respectively. Tech helps employees in carving a clea path towards their goals succession. Much like where attention goes, the energy flows and results show.
  • Follows a top-down approach-
    The mission and vision should be cascaded from top to down. All the actions and results should also be mapped. So, to imbibe this during the time of appraisal you must take buy in of all the frontline employees. They should not just be interested but also committed to the work assigned to them.
  • Prefers transparent performance monitoring-
    The one-on-one meetings are recorded in the system, reviewed in meetings. Because of the software the transparency increases. All the little to big wins are recorded that help in appraising everyone fairly.
  • Great at handling exigencies-
    Revising the aligned goals if due to some unavoidable factors they seem unachievable is possible with a software. The goals are mostly set quarterly and hence revising them becomes easy that otherwise is a challenge in pen paper system. 

Besides, then the evaluation is done and rewards are given on its basis. Using the right performance management tips to do appraisals and manage performance increases the trust and confindence of employees in the management.

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