[LATEST] 12 HR Slangs You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

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As an individual, you must be using or knowing what ‘being salty’, ‘it was such a bummer’, ‘that’s quite shady’ or ‘I totally second that’ means but when it comes to HR department there is a whole new set of amusing, and sometimes offensive slang is. It would not be wrong to say that these are their code words which they use often. Learning them won’t just make you a smarter hiring manager but also leave all others hearing the slang in amazement as to what you mean. 

What exactly are HR slangs???

They are very informal words that are never used when communicating formally in writing or in speech. These terms/ jargons are specially used by the HR department while talking to each other. They are quirky but might not be as polite. So, better never use them in any HRMS software entry.

Shhhhh! High chances that they would never get them until they discover this blog. So, take a look at the list we have curated for you, we are sure you would find these new and not just love them as much as we do but also use them quite often. Because, clearly, knowing the lingo would help you communicate secretly + effectively. 

Get ready to get your head spun!

Kim Kardashian-
For the new hire who looks perfect on the paper but have no substance in real i.e, they fail to deliver the value when they actually start to work with you are referred to as Kim Ks.

Teflon Vacancy-
When you get a vacancy for a role that is undesirable so much so that no one would ever hold on to it for long, you call it a Teflon vacancy. It can be any job position at your workplace that get vacated in a short span. For instance, the job of a receptionist. 

Justin Bieber-

A candidate that you end up not liking even after seeing their impressive career achievements in the past.

Purple Squirrel-
Basically, a candidate who is a perfect fit. He has the right qualifications, best certifications, relevant work experience for the vacancy but rarely found. 

Reality Sandwich-

You use this term when a manager from the office gives you an unrealistic job description for the vacant position. This is the time when you say, they really need to eat a reality sandwich! 

Al Desko-
The time when you have or the other person in the organisation has so many tasks on her/ his checklist that they cannot even get up and go to the cafeteria to have their lunch. That’s when you that you or that person in the office has been ‘Al-deskoing’.

Fair enough to say that we all are al-deskoing from our homes in this distributed workforce model. Right?

Onion Peeling-

This shouldn’t be hard or y’all to guess. Onion peeling is said to be happening when an interviewer is digging deep into the layers of the answers that the candidate is giving to find out what the candidate actually knows. 

Dead Stick-
The times when you have used every tool and technique in your capacity to fill a job position like revisiting the HRMS software for candidate database, posting on all social media platforms and so on but are still unable to fill the position, you call it a dead stick!

You or someone else in the department is said to be uptilting when they replace the original job title with a more interesting and impressive one to make it sound better and more attractive to the candidate. For instance, calling as HR vacancy as Chief happiness officer vacancy, calling a content writer as a content specialist and so on! 

Golden Handcuffs-
When top talent is retained in the organisation by offering monetary incentives, it is said that they have been tied with the golden handcuffs! 

This term is used for the candidate that clears all the interview rounds successfully but fails to perform in the final round hence never receives an offer from you. They have all the skills and qualities but still, fail to marry your company!

Resume Stain-
If a resume has one not so desirable job role that drags down their opportunity with your company or any other in future then you can refer to it as a resume stain.

Hope you found this blog helpful. 

Quick tip: While you are recording the feedback in HRMS software, these cool words might not be considered as cool. So, abhor from using them there, always! 

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