7 Ideas To Celebrate Holi At Office

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Ideas To Celebrate Holi At Office

Celebrating festivals at workplace is necessary to boost employee engagement and keep the fervor high. But, when it comes to celebrating Holi at office, most of the employers or HRs do not second that. The celebration does begin with greetings and wishes for the day, eating gujiyas and putting gulaal on each other’s face gently but may turn into splashes of water, sleazy touches, getting high with bhaang as the party progresses.

Put simply, gestures, actions and words that the other colleague(s) may not approve of is customary for the day. And to balance whatever is being said and done, the age-old one-liner “BURA NA MAANO, HOLI HAI!” seems to suffice.

Moreover, an office is just not the place for this! Primarily because individuals from different backgrounds, religions, and mindset come together to work there and one cannot judge the level of tolerance of the other. While a deed can be okay for one, the other may take offence. 

When all these scenarios bubble in the head of HR and employer, they drop the idea to celebrate Holi at work altogether. Being an HR software that puts employee experience first, you can consider us your crusaders as we cannot see any office deprived of any chance to amplify their employees’ happiness quotient. 

So, read these 7 absolutely neat and clean no mess ideas to celebrate Holi at office one at a time.

  • For “Give & Get” The underlying notion of every festival is to be happy, end fights and let the good triumph over evil. So, why not put the lionised line Purani baaton ka “Bura na maano, holi hai!” to better use? As an HR or manager, make sure you use the line to solve the past conflicts between individuals at work. Spread and be the one breaking the ice between the two teams/individuals. You may even get a great mentor or thankyou badge in the HR software for making For “give & get” successful. If not that, you get & give happiness and calm.

  • The Jalebi Jazzle For those who do not love playing with colors and the ones who do, Jalebis are an all-time favorite. It is hard to find someone who can resist themselves from relishing the taste of this delicacy. So, instead of ordering pastries from a bakery, book a Halvai this Holi. We bet your personnel will start loving you ten times more because of this!

  • The Wall Of Colors Why paint each other’s skin when it will all wash off soon? Urge the employees to get the color and water splashes imprinted forever. Get a big board or allocate them a wall to dip their hands in any color they like and pat it on the wall. In no time, your wall will be full of different and bright hand impressions. Later, you can get a quote on teamwork or unity written on the wall. Not only will you elevate your office decor without incurring any cost but also increase employee engagement. Moreover, your people will see the wall and keep cherishing it daily!

  • Ultimate Gujiya Junkie Every household has a stock of gujiyas – on, before and after Holi. Why should the second home (office) be in dearth of it? So, order them or ask the employees to bring some from their homes. Then get the people with highest appetite in the office to compete against each other. Whoever ends up winning can be offered more flexibility, leaves, or dinner vouchers, whatever they like. For a twist, you can make some spicy gujiyas and mix them with the lot.

  • Guess The True Colors This is more like a skit in which you will need volunteers to come forward. The employees simply need to act out a suspicious situation at the office. You can even narrate a mysterious/crime story and ask the employees to predict (true colors) who is going to do what next. Who is the culprit, who is innocent and who is the mastermind? The one who is able to sense the true colors wins! Give one extra Jalebi or Gujiya to them for this.

  • Whose Color Is It? Every color has a meaning to it. Do your research or open Google and type “How to identify the color(s) of my personality?” Open it and start narrating the personality traits that a specific personality color has. Then ask the employees to name the person that matches the description the best. Basically, this employee engagement activity increases the understanding of employees about each other and the bond as well. Make sure you ask the person identified as a particular personality color, if he/she agrees with it or not.

  • Bestow A Rainbow This is the best of all ideas to celebrate Holi at office to promote the feel-good factor, the effort that employees put to make each other happy. Ask every employee to get one most colorful gift item they can think of. The one that stands out, wins. Thereafter, make sure you bestow the employee who gave the most colorful gift with a grand prize (get creative when you decide this)!

Voila! This is as simple and clean as celebrating Holi can get. We can see no one getting offended, raising a hair or two, or not participating in any of the aforementioned celebration ideas. So, surprise your workforce with the news of Holi celebration using these ideas and let us know how did they like it!

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