HR Tech 2021 Trends. Is Your Company In Sync With Them?

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Hr Tech 2021

They say that need is the mother of invention. A quite recent example of the same in HR tech can be traced back to last year. 2020 was undeniably the year of innovation- important for survival and being resilient in the times to come. The pandemic did halt the growth of businesses for a long but HR tech has always been there enabling every working professional to work irrespective of the place they are working from- home or office.

Clearly, it has been a year of transformation and unlearning a lot for HR tech, to such an extent that the definition of ‘Best HR Software’ has changed by leaps and bounds. Engagement and performance are now looked at beyond numbers, given more priority, and the HR software that is humane.

In the digital workspace we are in, here are some of the HR tech 2021 trends that will prevail this year and ahead. 

1. Evolution from being just about HR to a multiplier of productivity-

Core HR platforms are an integral part of the HR technology jigsaw, but, over the last decade, especially the last year, it has become even more essential. It is not meant to be used only by HRs but also by the employees and stakeholders. The demand for a mobile app for added flexibility has also increased manifolds.

HROne is India’s mobile-first HR software that empowers everyone across the company to complete their tasks like edit, reject, accept or raise requests under 3 taps. 

2. The full circle employee engagement management comes to the forefront-

Employees have grown from wanting to focus on processes to experiences.

“50% of the organizations are doing employee engagement all wrong as they don’t nurture employees along the entire Employee Life Cycle, nor do they have the right tool to realize this.”

Here’s where companies go wrong. The engagement is only said to be truly done when employees turn into your brand evangelists if and when they leave. For the same you have to engage the employees from the very start and create “Impact Moments”.

Candidate → Entry → Accustom → Grow → Leadership/retention → Exit → Evangelist

In these 5 transition stages, the three pillars, employers must pay attention to, are-

Continuous listening
RnR Program
Positive Communication

HROne has a gamut of features like pulse, surveys, moodbot, chat, badges and more to support you in full circle experience management.

3. Recruitment makes full use of AI and data-

The disruptive transition that happened in 2020 of the way we work (from office to remote) changed the future of work for us completely. Moreover, it became difficult during that time to hire and hence intelligent algorithms, social tool integration & sensing, leveraging data came to the rescue. Everything back then and even now is handled digitally.

“One-third of hiring plan mostly doesn’t work out even if there has been elaborative assessment, and testing.”

HROne is one platform that makes it easier for recruiters to hire candidates online or offline. There are customisable templates and bridges the gap between candidate management and experience seamlessly. It helps the HR set and intimates the timing of the interview to the candidate, manager and a lot more!

4. Performance management becomes extremely important-

The way companies worked in 2020 with no face to face meetings, employers started to realise how important real-time, continuous and 360-degree feedback is. Hence, the best HR software in India are constantly working towards bettering this module.
HROne has been ahead of time in this context, not only does it offer all these functionalities but also comes with a 9-box matrix. It is a special emerging leader identification tool that can tell which employee has the potential to become a leader in your company. It is of great help in keeping the company prepared for employee exits. 

The old is clearly not gold when it comes to tech. The past is easy to scrape or transform into something new and innovative that can serve the users in the ongoing situation and ahead.

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